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This project could use a native English speaker to proofread some of those phrases that are clearly off. But the art is pretty amazing.  There are a lot of weird phrases that definitely give me the 'English is a second or third language vibe but the game delivers on what it offers regardless so if the grammar can be fixed I think it'd go from good to really good.

Decent continuation of the first game. Glad to see both returning and new characters, and I'm a fan of Ingrid. It's a format that probably doesn't get taken advantage of as much as it should, and there's a surprising amount of art in there for such a simple game. Eager to see where Ingrid's arc goes.

Yeah I kinda always hate stuff like that in VNs, it's like authors wanna have their incest fetish but won't admit to it and I wish they'd just own up to it. It's fake, just enjoy it. I played another game that had this problem. The default options were like 'landlady' and 'roommate' but the dialogue as written were clearly meant to be 'mother' and 'sister'.

underrated comment

Wanted to get this game but it seems like the payment processing for Itch is broken.

The hentai could use some work but it's actually a pretty okay rogue-like when it gets updated. Normally my complaints are about the core gameplay loop but that's genuinely the fun part for once which is refreshing for one of these games. I realize this might be a personal taste but the hentai parts aren't that involved and don't offer much of interest outside of the animation. A bit more text going over the action could go a long way.


Big positives: 

God the new weapon is fun.

The new level is fun.

Overall the gameplay loop is solid

Could use work:

H-scenes are kinda just a gif with very little text.

Not the worst problem to have because writing is cheap.

I'm just glad to hear Arbuz is safe.

I'd give an opinion on the writing but I like some story with my porn and this mostly appears to be free use fetish material from start to finish. If that's your thing this is for you but the general lack of an actual story behind 'go train yourself to fuck people' kinda wore thin after the first title to do it for me.

It's a shame too because the art is top knotch.

I'll check this out later but I just think the name "Harem Residence" is very funny, almost like a generic stand-in for a real title because of the over-saturation of "Haverm <secondword>" titles on here. Still these games are rarely bad so I have decent expectations going in.

This is very, very specific. it's not for me but I appreciate that someone put in this level of work for what I can only describe as a very unique fetish. Shine on you crazy diamond.

Still just starting the game but I have useful feedback relating to the early stages:

The writing is great! You could definitely use some set piece CGs to go with the longer segmets of the game that stretch out in a single place This would be especially helpful in the portion of the game that is simply T H E H A L L A W A Y. CGs for individual scenes with the girls would also be nice, but I imagine that'll probably be something you're planning on filling out as the budget increases. Frankly, I like the entire vibe so far. Good music, good writing, interesting art direction. I know these projects are expensive and you appear to be in it for what seems to be enjoyment of the story you're telling here. I have similar aspirations so I can relate.

TL;DR: Love the writing and music choices. What art is there is great but I think more of it would be helpful for both immersion and attention spans. Commissioning this stuff obviously takes time and money though. Keep it up, will be monitoring this project closely as I'm enthusiastic for its future.

Can confirm eternum has set a standard most AVNs simply can't meet right now.

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For those wondering where the updates are, just worth mentioning that the author mentioned having to flee their home after russia invaded ukraine. They have confirmed they are safe but it might be a while. This would also probably be an excellent time to throw the author some patron money if you like the game to assist with transitional costs.

Saw "This purchase will not be updated monthly" up there and does this mean what I think it means? If I'm buying a game and the updated version isn't included with purchase count me out, because I've already paid at that point.

Small recommendation: If I use all my good massage oils on them and then go out of my way to bring them to climax on top of it, it might be nice to still get paid since I maxed out both bars. Optionally it could even pay more, but that probably defeats the purpose.

Per usual your games are phenomenal and I'll be waiting to see more.

Finally, a game I downloaded from twitch for my games folder that isn't going into the 'hgames' subfolder. You should know this is high praise on this website.

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I was incredibly surprised by the writing here, and the pixel assets are fine and do the job of giving you an environment to traverse but the hand-drawn art assets are top knotch. They're used infrequently but when they come up they really set the tone. Got this in the bundle for Ukraine and instead of getting bad writing I got an interesting story with somewhat clunky combat about someone wrapped up in a conspiracy thriller that takes them all across Europe running into difficulties with language barriers and different cultural customs while political drama unfolds all around you, and you're trying to piece it together.

The combat feels awkward, but its entirely forgivable since you spend so little time interacting with it. The game is simply not about that part, and it serves as a decent break from all the other stuff you generally get up too during the game. Recommend, but don't expect it to be a hype train of constant action. If you want an interesting story and great artwork this is for you.

Thanks for putting this in the bundle because otherwise I'd have never heard of it. Now to figure out when the next release is so I can keep playing it.

Okay, time for an actual review instead of me posting lol's in chat.

This game is phenomenal. You simply don't see this kind of quality out of passion project VNs ever. The art direction is phenomenal and the writing only has a few of the cringe hentai VN moments with dialogue. It's honestly such a fun experience that sometimes I find myself forgetting it has porn until the adult themes come around and do something funny. The world building here is excellent and the pacing is phenomenal. The only thing I need to know now what the production pipeline is for more so expect me on your patreon feed. I've overlooked this project multiple times because I've had iffy experiences with this graphic style in VNs before but you honestly nailed it. There's so much more going on and you're clearly not just using generic art assets here. I love it to death and I want more, so I will probably be pitching in on whatever crowd funding sources you use. I do not normally get this excited about a VN and I've played most of the good ones on here so that alone should speak volumes for the quality of this project. So far my favorite adult VN on this site.

The worldbuilding and pacing are the stuff cut from the kind of stories I wish I could write in a VN but lack the technical aptitude to pull off or the budget to produce art assets for. I'd go grim fantasy but god you've taken this isekai genre thing to another level. And I normally hate that genre.

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Ten minutes in and Chang is the real MVP. More entrants for the muscle girl appreciation club.

CRITICISM: No one plays video games that actively and goes to the gym lol

I cannot stress how good this game is for being so small

Great game and amazing art direction. Really goes to show what indie devs can do.

Gotta love those royalty-free isometric assets. Usually means that the game is gonna be good for some reason.

Ask your dragon waifu for advice.

This game is honestly just a fraction shy of what I'd call perfect, but my standard is arbitrary and has a lot more narration about sex acts interspersed with dialogue. The art direction and actual gameplay here are A+. Lots of excellent CGs and the updates keep me coming back to this project. If you jump onto the dev's patreon he's earning every penny.

You're a machine Changer. You've been working on these several games for years pretty much non stop and it shows in how they've developed and improved over time.

Looking forward to it

Good start still needs polish but I will be watching VERY closely.

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Played the demo of this a while ago and it pushes all the correct buttons. Writing is great, art direction is top knotch. Orc girls are generally underappreciated and its great to see them used well here.

Game feels mostly like MGQ, that's not a bad thing though starting with the slime girl was a little to on the nose. Not gonna complain about that though - as slime girl is peak monster girl.

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Passion projects are weird. Passion projects that function as an external spearhead for a niche ideology even more so. The author clearly put work into this but it's very clearly internal propaganda for an already agreeable ingroup that won't appeal to non-socialists in all likelihood. If you're a Jewish socialist who wants to actually roleplay your ideal version of a worker's revolution then this will probably be your thing though.

Decent VN with a wide selection of girls and they look more visually distinct than most games made in this engine. All the tropes are there, vampire goth GFs, the monster hunter guildmarm, ninja tsunderes. I could go on. The translation is a little rough but the game's author has taken the time to bring in proof readers, and is actively reworking the initial part of the game where I think the translation is probably the weakest.

Don't let the early writing put you off, it's not actually that bad. The Protagonist gets less annoying and more amusing as you progress because the humor is mostly in the "I'm literally the only person here who isn't constantly trying to have sex with me" attitude he takes.

The main criticism I'd like to make is honestly the one I make of every VN made in this format - I wish the h-scenes were more descriptive and less dialogue-oriented. It would be a good opportunity to tell since the engine only offers so much with regards to detail.

What an excellent game. I'll be following your dev studio quite closely for future releases. The art direction here is amazing and you managed to tap into the RPG aspect that makes people keep playing. That is to say - the steam roller train wreck of maxing everything out, becoming richer than god and trivializing encounters that were initially pretty hard for them. Great work. Obviously once I found out about the mask in the dungeon I also HAD to acquire it. Would be funny if that had a part to play in a side quest.

Man I could have used a fetish warning for this being a gay furry game, because if it were hetero or bisexual I'd totally like it more.

I always hate concepts like this just because I know if a crazy person breaks into my house he's gonna get a full magazine of castle doctrine, but that said this game looks pretty well made and has a great atmosphere.

Updates are all patreon at this point I think.

Add an option to make an axe. Gathering is super tedius without it