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I have fond memories of playing this game on scratch a few years ago, so I was pretty excited when I found this. It didn't quite live up to my probably overfond memories, but I still had a great time with it and finished all the levels plus the three bonus levels from this thread, thanks for the port.

I appreciate the scenic/platformer levels adding a bit of variety to the game, and some of the scenic levels were quite amusing. Most of the new levels held up pretty well too.

I also made a couple hardcore levels for fun. This slightly odd puzzle level:


And this fiendishly difficult platformer level. Seriously, it's at the point where I don't even want to complete it myself, and it requires many tight jumps across the level, some of which are just mean. It is possible though:


I made a more traditional puzzle level too, which will hopefully prove more difficult than its size would suggest:


Once again, thanks for the game! I had a good time with it.

Really nice game, looks good and a very fun concept. It's a little difficult, but I like it.

Really great concept, this game is also very fun! My biggest complaint is the AI is horrible,  I won my first game without realising you could move the blocks left to right or that you were trying to reach the top fastest (completely my fault), but I get it, you had very little time and I'm sure the game would be much more fun with another player.

Absolutely amazing game! Feels really polished and fun to play, although it's quite hard. I think there may be a bug  with some of the buff cards though, a few of them seem to perma-buff you. Is that intentional? Other than that great game. I'll definitely be playing more of it.