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9/11 -IGN not enough osama epilepsy

Game of the Century? More like GAME OF THE MILLENNIUM.

For whatever reason the newest update has interfered with the physics engine. Clipping and body spasms are more common. Also, I found a bug where after placing a spike, my entire base vanished. Without a trace. No noise, no explosions, one second it was there, the next it was gone.

Right now I think fishing is pretty boring. You just cast your line in and then wait for a bite, left click, repeat. What I think would be good is if there was a fishing minigame where you have to keep a box on the fish, or have a ring close in on a tiny circle and you have to time it right when the ring touches the circle, or maybe have an 'interest meter' for the fish which fills as you keep it on it, but if you let it get too high then it eats the bait and goes away. And then add a reeling button that takes time and lowers the interest, and if the interest bottoms out before you reel it fully in then the fish escapes. Then you could make it so better fish have a smaller bar and faster bottoming out, so that there is some finesse and timing required.

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When I returned all of my balls to the blue space cube every single zombie died, I was limited to a 3x3 area, and whenever I went in the park it focused on the blue space cube. But nothing happened. Is it because I returned all three at once, or is the ending not complete yet, or is it just a code error?

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Dev build version just changed right infront of my eyes.

There seems to be a bug with the Killer Robot where you can kill it by either knocking it off the edge of the map or letting it kill itself. Not sure if this is supposed to be a feature or not but if not it's probably best to significantly decrease it's knockback and increase it's health by a lot too.

Technically dinosaur shit preserved this long would likely be worth more than a full dinosaur skeleton since you could examine the feces to glean something about the species the shit belongs to or extract DNA.