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Bob .

A member registered Jun 27, 2021

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On this same topic: If I have Heavy Artillery being pulled by a truck, can I place it anywhere other than a city? I can't seem to get it to unload - using Unload or Unload All. But I can move it from town to town, and even transport it. Come on. Is anyone else even on these pages?

BTW, Seabees are cool(ish) and the Engineers are definitely useful. Nukes are fun. Satellites are a great way to illuminate the battlefield.

And I still can't seem to drop units. Is there a setting that turns off the drop ability that I might have accidently selected?

Ok, I figured out how to launch a nuke. Tried it in a simple scenario, and got it to work. Although in another scenario, it seemed to fail a lot. Perhaps they are easy to shoot down?

However, I still cannot seem to have a helicopter or Air Transport drop units. Is there a trick to this?

Hey everyone. I've ben playing Empire for, well, decades. However, this is my first encounter with advanced units, such as Air Transport.

I figured I'd try out a new unit (in this case, Air Transport). So, I built one, loaded a tank on there, flew it to another island with an enemy outpost and... nothing. I can't get the unit to drop. It's above clear terrain. I hit Shift-D... and NOTHING!

Yesterday, I tried building a long range nuke. Built it, tried the launch command, and... nothing. I then tried to tell the nuke what the target was (long click). And... nothing. Tried that, then launch. Then launch then that. Kept saying something along the lines of "launch sequence not initiated."

Is there some document (manual, whatever) that walks you through the basics of these units so I can try 'em and see if I like 'em, etc.?

Sorry for the newbee questions.

Bob H.

Hey. I just bought the EDCE. I had played EDIE up until now. That was publish in 2003, I believe. I purchased this to get more control over maps, get harder opponents,  etc. Today's day 1, so take this with a grain of salt. But I notice... challenges... already:

(1) The UI kinda stinks now. It is no longer like a Windows app. Rather, it looks like a hokey Linux app with a bad front end. It used to have clear drop down menus, and the graphics were much clearer. Now everything is a button. Is this due to the fact that it is no longer Windows specific (but works on Macs and Linux, too? I just saw reference to the Enhanced Edition. Should I have gotten that one instead?

(2) I have a multi-monitor setup. But I cannot move the game to a different monitor. Is there a workaround for this? (Do I need EDEE?)

Also, this is a nit, but the keyboard commands are somewhat different. For instance, previously if I was on the current unit and hit X, the unit would go to explore. Now I have to find and then press the button. That's annoying. But.. I'm guessing someone figured out how to do this?


Bob H.