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Hi! I have recently bought Deepdwn and would love to switch to it for knowledge base management, but it lacks two features related to Zettelkasten methodology that are mentioned in the title.

As for good examples I will link to the other software that in my opinion is doing great in those terms (all are Markdown editors):
Athens (demo) / Roam Research
Logseq (demo)

Hi! How do you make plant seeds? I see on a front page that you must craft them in the #code place like weapon, but I cannot find any with #seed tag

Yo! I see that reported already. Anyway, here is my example:

He can, don't tell people what they can and what they can't do, it's odd

I am poor amd I am not into fighting games, so I probably wont buy your game, but the idea is damn cool! I mean, it looks like you are aware of problems of such game type (like smashing buttons to defeat enemy which maby is rewarding but not fun at all) and you want to make your game without such exploits or "anti-features". This is awesome, keep going and don't give up! If you will ever loose hope in your game, remember that it is unique which i proved and has the potential. This is what should people call indie game, you've just made me smile bro :)