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Bobby V. Klein

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I joined, I should be able to do it next month. Thanks!

Cute game, love the art style.

I like this concept. Nice prototype!

thank you!

thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed our game!

the picture taking aspect reminded me of the outerwilds for some reason.

Got to around level 3, cool game but could definitely use more mechanics or another type of challenge apart from getting lost.

Nice job implementing a 3D game with nokia 3310 restrictions

Great idea, but i couldn't see anything. Might be better off using solid colors with some dithering in the future. Solid colors are much easier to see.

Love this game. The art is awesome and the gameplay feels way smoother than should be possible.

Also loving the weapon variety. Nice work!

Art is awesome and the gameplay is a ton of fun.

Love how smooth the fast flying feels.

It can be hard to figure out where enemies are, but that kind of comes with the restrictions

cool game, i didn't make it very far, but very enjoyable. Also like how the gun gets upgraded.

Thank you!

I like the idea of fighting enemies on different planets with the space area acting as the level select. Nice work! Would love to see this continue development

Cool little game, but the controls weren't great on a keyboard.
nice animation and art. Duck was a bit too slow to be effective

Nice polished puzzle game. Like graphics and level designs, nice work!

Cool game, I especially like the gallery feature. Nice work!

i like the gameplay loop a lot, nice work!

Really cool game once I got the hang of it. Good work on the art and gameplay loop!

The game did crash a couple times for me, but this game was awesome once i got the hang of it. Great animations and good sound/music.
I thought the stamina bar at the bottom was a very good choice for balancing the game. Really amazing work!

Really impressed with the art and gameplay, but it is pretty buggy, making it hard to play for very long. Nice job! I can't wait to see the updated version after the jam!

Love the puzzles and level design. Really nice work!



using the space efficiently was probably one our biggest challenge. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for playing it!

thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game

thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

Decent Challenge, great art an animation, the perspective looks amazing. Probably my favorite game so far.

especially liked that the challenge was there, but it was nothing absurd

Great art, fun gameplay, intriguing puzzles, but I got stuck at the second portal thing. Was unsure how to progress

Awesome art, fun gameplay, but I got stuck at the second portal I think? Couldn’t figure out how to progress from there.

I love the art and design, this game looks awesome.

I liked how you used the theme. Also nice work on the graphics 

I'm glad you enjoyed it! thanks for playing and the feedback!

Love the art, animation and detail. Nice work!

Really like this take on a typing game. Very fitting and something i've never seen before. Good work!

I really enjoy the way you utilized nokia-like controls to make this one work and it wasn't just arrow keys+action key

really kind of reminds of a wack-a-mole type game

I like the obstacles added that aren't in traditional car/racing games like the cross walk and cameras.

would be interesting to see this evolve more.

simple game, but i really like how the theme is incorporated into the gameplay.

it's a bit hard, but once I got used to it it wasn't too bad.

Cute racing game. I like the little animation when you switch lanes and how clear everything is. Also like the garbage truck? that's throwing debris down in the lanes.

Nice work!

Love the concept, the art and gameplay. Really nice work with connecting with the theme too. Overall great job!

I love what you have so far with this game. I'm impressed with the player move set and animation along with the level design around the move set.  Also love the little scanlines you added in. 

I didn't finish the game, but I think I made it pretty far. Definitely one of my favorites so far. 

reminded me of Space Impact a little