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I absolutely loved the ending to Tai's route. It was well worth the wait for it.

That's an interesting thought!

I really hope Carlos is going to be okay.

I want to hug Carlos so badly right now...

That is adorable!

I have all of the stories complete and have only one achievement missing. "Steady Hand". I have no idea what to do to unlock it. Can someone clue me in on what to do?

I loved the way this ended. I'm starting to think Haruki DOES like MC, even if he won't admit it yet. The way he acted in this update makes me think so anyway...

Just finished reading the newest update. Loved it!

I suppose that's a possibility, but it still confused me, regardless. XD

*snicker* Loved the new update on the revamped Day 1 route. The bit with the keyhole near the end made me laugh.

No idea. It was a good story,regardless, but that just left me scratching my head.

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I found out about it several months ago and got really excited to learn you were making a new game. Major/Minor was great and Winds of Change is still, to date, my favorite VN of all time. When I happened to remember that this game was still in development, I came back to this page yesterday only to discover that the full game is being released in a few days, so I immediately downloaded the demo, and played through most of it last night, having just finished it today. I absolutely love it so far. And, if I'm being completely honest, I didn't even need to read the voice cast on this page to recognize Isaac's voice. He voiced Pro in Winds of Change and I was thrilled to hear the voice again, even though it's for a different character. The other voices in the story are amazing too. I'll admit, the fully voice-acted aspect of it is what made me fall in love with Winds of Change, and it's made me fall in love with this story too. I'll definitely be buying the full game in a few days.

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I downloaded this VN earlier this week and played through both issues, having just finished issue two prior to making this post. I have to say I really like this VN so far. I'll be looking forward to seeing more in the future.

I began reading this VN a few weeks ago after having downloaded it around a year ago ago, but having never had the time really read it. After updating to the most recent version today, I powered through all of the available content, up until this update. After Echo, which scared me more than once, I wasn't sure whether I'd like this story or not, but, I have to admit, I've been enjoying what I've read so far. I just finished the newest update, and the cliffhanger (pardon the pun) things left on has me wondering where things will end up.

A great ending for a great update! Loved it!

I originally found this story back when you first began working on it, but I never really read it because I got involved in doing several different things, and several different VNs, so I just didn't have the time. Over the last few weeks, though, I decided to go back and play some of the VNs I haven't yet gone through, and this was one of them. I powered through the entire story over the last few days, and, I'll admit, while more than a few times, I was put on edge from how upset certain scenes made me, I actually enjoyed the story, and I'm glad I actually took the time to read this one. Very well done story. I do have one small question though, regarding an event near the end.... (Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't read it yet)

Near the end of the story, I got the impression Cameron died, as his spirit was living inside Devon, with Devon acting as a vessel for him, but a few scenes later, Cameron is alive again. Am I missing something here? If I recall correctly, it even mentioned Cameron's ashes, which, again, implied he was dead. Can someone shed some light on this for me?

I knew it! As soon as Liz said someone had already sent out the Headsman, I knew it was Lyall. I've been waiting and wondering "how is Lyall going to show up" and you definitely made it worth waiting for. I have to admit I nearly cried seeing the art at the end too!

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I was really hoping things were going to go positively between Ben and Bryan... I'm glad it finally got there. It sure took an interesting way of getting there though... I was kinda scared, at first.

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Is it weird that even though Roo's real name made me laugh, I think it actually sounds BETTER than just the name Roo?

You're quite welcome!

I like Chris. I think he's cute, but I have to admit, the most recent update that got released really had me liking Kane a lot more too. Regardless of which way things go, I'd be happy, because I enjoy reading stuff from both of them. I also have to admit that I absolutely love Zach. Personally, I think he's adorable.

The whole gap between Patron and non-patron isn't something I personally worried about, because I just enjoyed the story whenever the updates came regardless.

As for the story itself, the only thing that I'm puzzled by is that cloaked figure in red that randomly shows up terrifying Ben. I'm still trying to figure that out.

No problem. it's worth the wait. :)

Nice little update. Loved it!

I knew it! Ugh! This is going to make me crazy now. Good writing but, god, now I just want the next part to come even sooner!

Noted! Thank you! Now I know to make note of that in my document when the update becomes public!

I absolutely loved it. Rufus may be my favorite character, but finally seeing the end of Hyper's Halloween route was great!

The update to Hyper's Halloween route was great. I love how the rest of that played out.

After having to wait several days to be able to download the update, due to me being without internet, I finally just finished reading it, and I absolutely LOVED IT! Well done!

I was missing Gemini, but I got help figuring out where it was. 


The whole 13th medal thing had me thinking I missed something else though.

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I seem to have an error with the gallery though. I have all the pictures, but the gallery only reads 98/104. None of the pictures are missing though.

That being said, I just finished the ending after getting the twelve medals. That was quite the interesting end to things! Well done with the story Grizz! I loved it.


The ending mentions a 13th medal though? Is there even more that I've yet to see, or is that it?

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Thanks for the help. Replaying Ty's Path B was what I needed!

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Where is Gemini? That is apparently the only one I'm currently missing.

I must say, Grizz, this was a heck of a story. Unfortunately, it seems I'm one medal shy of what I'm guessing is the true ending, and I have no idea where to find it, but, even still, this was a great story regardless, and I'm glad I started reading this one.

Yeah, I can kinda see that.

There IS an android version. That's the apk file. :)

I'm more or less hoping something happens with him on Path A that shows he's more willing to help Dave. Dom just... doesn't seem like he belongs with Memphis.

I'm with you on both counts. Jack dying would make me happy. I hated him right from the very first time he showed up. Dom, though, I hope does something that redeems himself, and part of me has hope that he will just based on some of the flashes of events Dave has been forced to see with Dom actually there. Dom is a bit weird, but Jack is just plain creepy and needs to go... 

Despite it being a shorter update, it was still an interesting read. I really hope things start to turn around for the MC and Lyall soon though.

I've been hoping there'd be another Jun update soon. I'm glad to have gotten one too!

Just finished reading the new update! Loved it!