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thats got my attention. gonna be fun to see how the foes use that against the player in the final game.

you say its rpg styled beat em up, which has me wondering how rpg will this go? will we see status ailments like burn or polymorph?

so... a few questions. i rember the last game in this series had a combat section will this one as well... speaking of gameplay what would be expected out of this one?

thanks for this, when i get a moment im going to see if the sphere teleporting the player
backwards has any room for exploitation that i can think of...

heres hoping a speedy recovery is in your future, sucks when folk you care about end up in the sick house. heres hoping the food there is of good quality the time i ended up there i found that going to the cafaterria or however its spelt tend to yeld diffrent and sometimes better options heck some even have multiple i rember one that had one in the lobby and one on the ground floor.

stupid question will there be mental alteration content common example would be hypnosis... dont think there will be mainly asking as im fishing for what kind of traps can be expected in the future.

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not sure if this ones been reported yet but the pause feature on the adult scenes has exploitable behavior it alows one to press e to escape while paused... nice if you got slow reflexes or for some reason one useable hand.

edit after re-reading this post again i got to thinking of terraria and how hoik's work by exploiting a phyiscs flaw in the game that pushes the player in a set direction if it detects the player is stuck in the terrain... could something simalar be useful in this case?

... i get the feeling the control scheme was ment more for gamepad users the keyboard one feels really uncomfortable almost cramped will rebinding the control mapping be an option in the future? also is it bad i recognize most of the stuff during my short playthru 10 bux eh lowtax musta really branched out, also echoing others here way too many insta kill hazards other then those two gripes seems fine not fell thru the floor yet... why do i get the feeling that guys files are cheese pizza?

thanks.. but i was able to get it to work by sliding  just baraly from the edge one at a time.

my problem with it is it spins like a hamster on crack! is there any way to slow it down? im geting a bit ill trying to follow the letter i want...

a nice game felt i got killed on doughnuts more due to my poor platform ability on the downloop causing me to get crushed on seemingly nothing.

about the timescale you set dont worry its fine by me your doing this solo so of course its going to have slow the dev time liking the preview though. also thanks for making this to let us know all is well for lack of better phrasing.

was wondering when tempy would show up on here, now im just waiting to see if vanja does too. good luck to you both

sorry been a bit been playing a lot of cataclisim bright knights... 

err on the stat rebalence if you want gear to be the main stat boosters could we have a stick or something to start with? otherwise the early game might be a slog... given the player is a digimon surprised theres no training to improve stats instead.

been watching this waiting, a thought on refighting special enemys... i have seen some games have a bounus room that is usualy post game that has a bunch of npcs that represent an enemy with a prompt that asks if you want to fight [enemy name], could that be useful? if your worried about useless key items clogging the players inventory, why not turn them in for prize redemption like pachinko... or make a duplicate verson of the monster that is called that drops no exp or items.

Looks neat and cute.. Question about some items, what does wakaba do? it says it adds 1 to something but looks like its either untranslated or got mangled to symbols. I noticed that the player starts with various x model equipment/items... I was wondering based on the item sprite if model was ment to be medal? all and all this is really well made. any plans to refine this further? I could easly imagine this being for sale as a comercial product. huh thought just crossed my mind what are your plans for added replayability to this? Currently the selected foes feel like bossfights will there be minor foes too?

says this was updated but the numbers are the same... itch glitched?

just finished it, so far its rather well put together the switch puzzle was rather nice with its hints. the combat while what you would expect from a level one area functions nicely. tried to see if boxes could be pushed diagnaly nope could not or did not do it right, the artstyle of the are was nice as well. as is the protags design a fox huh... heres hoping they dont land head first in a snow drift eh, the right click to look in a direction makes me wonder if there will be foes that will react diffrently if your look at them or not.

thanks for making this trapknight, so far it looks nice the combats a bit rough but other then that its rather good for a prototype hope it goes forward well

a is kick if i rember right s is potion to turn back from most forms and i think w is jump most the stuff is mussle memory at this point for me

question, will someplaces combo if completed in a certain order or revisited example completing knothole and then going to cocoa island open up things like hypnovisors being added to the machine pool. also what kind of expansion can we excpect in chemical ocean? i've seen that used to also refer to weight gain.

also after making this the maid area's boss may be a bit too punishing as the player only has one heal powder to deal with status buildup, leading to the fight being potentaly a grind gate if it was used beforehand.

Found a potental design flaw, in cybehive interior there is a spot you can potentaly get stuck at steps to reproduce: use magical bunny legs and step on the the spike trap to leap above the impassable tile. There are two enemys in this area, heres where the stuck happens. If you kill them both and dont have the right transformation to interact with the pc its possable to get stuck behind the firewall... speaking of firewall, what is the payload file? i opened it in notepad++ to see if there was anything i could make legible out of the garbo that gets spat out when you do that and from what i could tell its making url calls but i cant tell where. also the enchant system is rater poorly explained, it says in your item menu. i expected a sub menu not selecting the part directly like i was trying to use an item and then slot it in from there still a neat system though, speaking of poorly explained is there a place to veiw what status effects do like a manuel? out of guess work i've puzzled out that the ailment from the spike trap functions like poison and the tornado symbol function simalr to dubble team from pokemon, side note was i ment to beat the first boss fully transformed? feels like thats ment to be a lose conditon but i did it before knowing your not ment too as magical hat's ailments came in real handy for that fight that and the fact i ground out 15 simple brews 5 ember vails and some powder (starting item set never adventure without it) i was around level 6-7 as a result. i hope im not comming off as rude text never conveys tone 100% right.

after playing this for a bit it is rather fun err content aside i mean it could stand up on its own... hope im makeing sense, only real nitpick i have is that cascades often get burned by that capacity bar. only real sugestion i got is maybe consider adding powerups to the mix... maybe ones you dont want to get added in also, only thing is what would be thematicly aproprate and how would they trigger? only things i got off the top my head are time extentons diet pills and a chance for them to apear based on chain number, perhaps maybe a wild card too for high matches like of 6 atonce or something.

thanks figured it out think its really in charactor for omochao to only be of a little help... is it bad that i thought the solution was to throw him at the bookcase to knock the coin down?

thanks for the additonal info. sorry if i come off as an asshole  but text really cant do tone well wish you the best now to get that coin... cant climb the shelves and cant shove anything around welp time to play guess the verb.

err i may be a bit dense but the game really dont seem to describe itself well, what kind of content could be expected? what kind of combat system is there? is there mid combat h? status effects? will the charactor be alterable mid playthru?

thanks trying it now... stupid sugestion for postgame content, could you add a developer comentary mode that adds comments on your thoughts on the game and its area's / enemys somehow even if its just text added in an odd color to differentiate it from charactor text it is added to.

well now is this the same sprrigs im thinking of? if so have fun and please don't overwork yourself.

played a bit it seems combat is a bit hit or miss atm with the blue slimes really being hard to hit also noticed the auto pathing sometimes moves
where i dont wanna go sometimes dont know what causes it

Each zone having a diffrent gimmick? Hope you dont mind me trying to pick your brain a bit. Based on the mind control, corruption and hummiliation focus. Will further zones show diffrent types of these that alter slut mode a bit? Example: If sissyfication/feminization was the type used, would it alter mez's outfit and skills to match the theme of the level/affliction? the final mission will be diffrent based on results of the prior ones? That is very ambitious indeed. shoot for the stars and all... Just hope this don't turn your hair grey, or worse become un-fun... Burn out sucks after all, take a break if you need it please. Have you thought about promoting your game elsewhere for reach purposes? Like maybe make a post on f95 or e621 to draw more eyes on it and yourself? Not trying to be pushy, just wondering given it can sometimes be hard to find games on fa... 

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gave it a go was able to kill all the foes did not see hypno really is it not quite ready or am i missing something...

never mind i found it guess i killed em way too fast

so this is going to be its own thing? also comic sans yay, at least thats what this font looks like my visions not the greatst though...

the concept sounds really good... hogwarts insperation eh? wonder how crazy things will get, will npc's fire back will there be other spells like transfiguration
lastly will there be a dungeon/dangerous area for the player