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thanks for this was a fun short game liked the bats design

oh? i rember this from way back when everyone used flash. then adobie happened... any chance you might continue some older projects or is this just a port to stop them from going poof?

hey, nice to see you got an hp system working. my main question is what next?

this might be dead due to work load and other factors but i hope it revives... question have you thourght about making this an infequent commison slot or something simalar? just mentioning because it seems like just letting this die is a waste.

if its not on there flat out im sure asking for help will get someones attention. again gl

late to the party but have you tried m tool? great little debugging or cheating tool.

nice to see the critisim diddnt scare you off. btw that gb studio subreddit i mentioned seems to have un privated... seriously all i can say on that is dick move given most the info on that engine is on that subreddit. about the dark souls of platforming... i dont think its that bad sure its got first game syndrom but thats about it and you fixed a lot of the glaring issues as time went on. as you go on further im sure you will improve who knows you may make a wario land 2 clone at some point.

i wonder will there be bodyswap or transformantion content?

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guess my poor comunication skills strikes again... i was meaning as an add on to this page so people dont get an invitation to a dead server given you moved...

edit disregard me i guess noticed its on the main page.

err maybe an invite to the gulded server as an addon? also gl sprucing the place up a bit,

one sec i mighta mispelled iim bad for that, heres the twitter theres also a discord but i dont think i have invite privlages

hiya... sorry i cant be of any help on the things you would like to do, but i think i know someone who can. are you familiar with lipucid? they might know someone who knows how to do those things given how long  they have been tinkering with rpgmaker i wouldnt be surprised if they knew someone.

vampire scout... glod damit, now ive got tf2 quotes running thru my brain.

finally beat it, found some bugs too go up the drop cute in the the secret treasure cute and you die~

i dunno about no pause real time stuff... good luck with the new project though

gave it a play... its a prototype as you said but i gotta wonder where is that rabbit putting all those meals... i mean just as a joke i went donner party on that meat... surprised it let me cook it all.

wishin ya luck ghost, the hardest part of anything is the start... and ya done it twice now a rough draft and then optimization too. baring any chaos factors you got this as long as you dont mire in some muck along the way.

so question found this by chance how will the content work? is it bad end reload style or do they overlap such as becoming a fattend up werewolf with a gas and lactation problem but still able to continue until a fail state?

warning great wall o text ahead.

gave it a try... the combats basic as stated but thats expected this early in dev the fact its up and running without a crash or three is no small feat. the ai art is also functionall. despite the fact it draws heat im glad you went forward not everyone is an artist or can hire one, surprised you diddnt go loony given ai arts small changes to the portrets. the premise is well done too for whats there plot wise all in all nice starting point you have here, reminds me of corruption of champions almost, now on to the rough spots...

RNG, RNG everywhere, the lack of consistent healing means players like myself have to grind the forest repetedly and hope for a healing item drop to be healthy enough to explore the other places. theres a rest command but its only avalible at low health and only gets you on your feet enough to borg the forest for healing. if theres other towns implemented i couldent find them as one encounter in each area was enough to force me to back to the forest. eventually i tried save scumming and still did not have luck.

sequental encounters, ambitius but i noticed a small set of problems... the player can run using the menu, i wont lie once i figured this out these fights went from oh god not again to actually possable due to afformentioned healing woes, but thats not the only problem. it seem stat ups are either not completely implimented or assigned in some obtuse way making level planning a bit odd.

some of the content can be a bit questionable with no real warning... the male imp sticks out in recent memory while i myself find no problem with furry... zoophilia/beastiality is a bit much. a simple content warning like this scene contains x would be nice before we get surprised by horsecock in a less then nice way.

now on to things i would like to see just me shooting in the wind here.

a way to influence stats, even if its just horf down 50 burgers for plus one def would be nice as it would make grinding a bit less painful even if said stat ups are countered by either scarcity, side effects or town dev.

more ways for the foes to mess with you. theres tf here and its getting off the ground hoping we get all kinds of fun from mental changes like bimbofication to even our equipment and abbilites once there getting altered with it reflected on the avi springboarding would be nice if some things could alter the inventories contents like turning potions into other potions for example

lastly more non combat exploration events, from finding items and places to just plain ole lore fluff like this really helps

sorry for length and spelling errors... and tone im aware i tend to come off as a raging cunt sometimes not my intent tones just does not carry well thru text, good luck with this project it certainly seems ambitious.

guess i missunderstood the tweat then sorry,,, this was the tweet i misunderstood sorry again.

err question i noticed on your twitter it looks like you said this game was updated... take it its on a difrent site or just not uploaded yet?

well heres annother option to consider ghost,
GL with this nonsense.

just woke up and tested it yup its seems to be gone

additional clarifcation it seems to be in the botonay transfer to that one specificly

typo found b deck b-3 area mislabled in hyperlinks as a-3 typing it in manualy still works

softfoxxo dine and dashing? shame on you, thats yoshi's job~ ... before anyone jumps down my throat. this comment was made as an attempt at humor, an explination, in super mario world yoshi could eat the berrys while runing... they could also sorta do this with enemies in yoshis island too...

the additon of a secound loop was nice but i noticed a few design flaws. the waterfall hazard is annother gotcha as it has no indicator to where it is untill it appears... often right over top the player. the new level at the blob cave area relies on way too much leep of faith for its challenge making any deaths there feel cheap... the additon of the ghost in millie mode makes it feel almost spitefull. also loved the sprite change on the shortcut.

agree on point 13. survival mechanics often get tacked on and feel as such... 

after playing it, well its on the high end of mixed in its current state. i'll start with the good.

Art is VERY high quality, the procgen altering prior areas is a plus too giving slight replay to areas that have already been cleared in the demo this was revealing items kudos nice system and it ties into the time units style sytem well. the movement system is nice too seems to be either a refinement or port of the jump runes from grove mixed with a dash alowing a masterful player to quickly avoid harm and perhaps position themself to do more... ie not me because i stink at action rpg combat unless its like zelda. the fact the attack can be aimed is nice too allows for attacking around a corner in select instaces such as anyplace with poles.

now we come to the rough bits.

firstly the crafting system. nice idea it really is but with the semi random nature of level generation and annother problem i will list later it can make finding ingredents troubblesome. let alone inducing mild paranoia do i throw this rusty scrap away? what if its needed for annother item later? then i got to go grind it again if i can...

now onto the secound problem... its hard to tell sometimes what is a collectable, or a trap, from setpeices. i wont lie it took me 4 attempts to figure out what tree gave the vine i was needing for the pickaxe as most the trees in the area apeared to have vines but i could not collect them. then i bumbled into the right tree and found it spawns gurrenteed near the ruins.

third this is a mild nitpick but might balloon into an issue of its own later, the quick time event either isnt quite honist with the player... or something is eating imputs. i found instead of mashing matching the buttions that are flashing works a bit better.

this last ones just a small nutral bit i noticed you may be interested it seems the players attack animation and its hurtbox dont quite match up, i used this to allow me to kill the ruin guardians that charge at you at minimal risk by just barely staying in front of them and attacking in their direction alowing them to walk into it. i have no idea if this is intended so i thought to report it in case.

so, what kinda dub con are we talking about? is it mental alterations like hypno/pharamones or more along the blackmail style route?

4 usd? thats actually a really fair price. even i could afford that after an afternoon of surveys thanks. curious to see what you make next.

naldev, i can say with confidence that all a paywall would do is annoy people and get it leaked on sites like kemonoparty. i cant spend anymore then i have, moneys tight for me so all a paywall would do is make it impossable for some like myself to even get it. i cant give anymore for now but i can talk about the game a bit, mind if i do that in a few places? just a question have you thought of running a minor ad campagin to make people more aware that your product exists? its not a lot but f59zone and e621 lets people pay to run ads... alternatively a commision of nal in the middle of some peril from the game uploaded to e621 with a link to the main page and a small blurb would likely be a better ad then any banner ad if you word things right and hit some popular keywords. sorry if any of this comes off as awful. im just trying to help all i have is my brainpower... well whats left of it.

so, any chance we will get at least news updates from the patreon with the dl links scrubbed of course so we can see whats being worked on? patreon wont even let you read the post without paying.

thanks for the reply,  and that would be neat... but like you said would be hard to do well in inform... would be neat if you could pull off hypno effects... but how would such a thing even work mechanicly, would nal be grappling themself every so often like the enemys do? or would it be easier to instead have it spawn an invisable enemy to simulate it that takes damage from struggles and has low hp? 

just wondering after fighting the assistent drone and reading the post battle text that occours about nal having to fight to keep from fingering their slit, was there orgionaly plans for a lingering effect of somesort?

i mentioned that one because its system is working in a gameboy game.

wellp, all i can say is good luck. if im somehow selected please make it artists choice as im going tobe without net on that day

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err castlevania legends? edit im refering to how they handle health. how its basicly a number that counts down.