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I tried but only got around to finishing the first level. The “You Suck” also deterred me from trying again after a while. Just slowing the speed of the aim at the beginning and gradually speeding it up per level would have a nicer difficulty curve. Great art wish I could have completed more.

Simple game of block removal! I laughed at the patriotic ending. The visual clarity could improved as it seems to be the camera and or player is not moving pixel perfectly only getting rendered that way.

Hehe these guys are just funny lil goobers having a good time :) Probably not the intended way, but when the ball is in the middle starting position it’s easy to hold right and clip it past the other chick to score lol.

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Overall a solid port of Solitaire :) Took me a while to decipher the symbols, but for the size that the cards have to be, it is somewhat legible and after getting used to it I got faster. Could use sound effects and the end was a little anticlimactic after having to manually place every card in the foundation piles.

Glad you enjoyed the game :) The sprites are intended to be like that. When I added the base it made them look taller and I also generally didn’t like the appearance as much.

If the room is large and the player is in the center without landmarks there is no visual feedback the player is moving. Perhaps post jam ratings you can have the camera follow smoothly behind instead of snapping.

Nice short and sweet with a fun lil guy to move around. Animations were great :)

Really interesting to see all the wacky outcomes. Didn’t expect the trash can to be a person hehe. I do wish there were sound effects and or music to add to the mood.


I’m absolutely delighted you cherished the consumption of the unusually large sphere of lettuce.

What would have happened if you didn’t? >_>

Enjoyed diving to get the coins the animation for it is nice :) I at first I didn’t realize I could dive so I was just holding down instead of pressing woops. Definitely got really overpopulated with the fish at the end lol.

Fun little game to play with friends! At first I misunderstood how to move the tiger because I assumed it was hold V to charge then release to use it, but then I reread the controls and figured it out :)

Really cute running animation for the cat :) Wish there was music to vary up the sounds of the timer/running effects. Here’s my score :)

It was satisfying to just type meaningless nothings and watch the words twist around chaotically like ants exploring terrain. I also liked the typewriter sound effect, it really added ompf to each letter :)

Not a strict one but when you are happy with how your friend turned out and gave them a name I would say could be the end.

Thankie :)

It’s ok, your fleshy friend knows it’s hard to socialize and is here to comfort you.

I see no difference to real life.

Everyone with their own unique friend :)

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Should be fixed now :)

Yummie Gooba Froot :0 :)

One day it will finally go somewhere hehe


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reverse gravity moment :)


Love the shapes and simple designs. Great artstyle :) Text to speech voice did get repetitive after a while if I died a lot.

Robot is really cute and ending is funny :) I like others was confused on day two so some instructions like before would help.

Great little game I eventually managed to save my friend after 3 attempts :) Like the pixel art very nice. A greater contrast between the normal cards and the stronger ones would help since I didn’t realize till later in the round there was a difference. I also agree with others that the timer is too fast.

Thankie :)

I see no bug

oh woops haha

I’m a winner!!! Cool little treasure hunt :)

When I got to the QR code I couldn’t scan it because it was larger than the game window so I just brute forced the best number question.

Yeah it’s janky on the last level because its trying to send the player to a tile that is solid.

Really enjoyed solving these puzzles as their solutions are open ended. The rabbit is cute and I like the feedback when running into a wall. Well done :)

Nice game I enjoyed playing it :) Near the end I thought I was going to lose to the bot but then it scored for me haha.

I agree with others about the ball being too fast and if it was slower the paddle could be less sensitive too.

Really like the look and feel of this game nice job :)

Character felt sluggish and controls were weird because you could jump with up arrow but not w. Like the vector artstyle :)

Cute little game :) The first time I played I didn’t realize the machine was double or nothing. I got extremely lucky and thought it was free money until I died haha.

Interesting twist on Boggle UI is very clean :)