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No problem I make games as well, that feeling of I  don't want to bust out the code is real. Well, you now know that next time working on item management so don't worry.

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I think this game is good too, the biggest issue I had was the ammo and health drops. Some runs I had way too much other times I killed all the enemies and never got any ammo. The system in Nuclear Throne is based on the percentage of the player's health and ammo in relation to the items around. I don't use Pico8 but I think you could cheat the system and next time make a fake system that could act like the Vlambeer Original. But overall this is a very dedicated and interesting build. Good Job!!!

This is so rad I enjoyed that a lot and it is super cool that you used Pico8. Yeah, I hope ID will see this and give a shout out cuz this is lots of work for a pretty much fan port of a game. I think the only thing I had a problem with was that it was hard to strafe, but I think the original was just as hard to strafe in too, so grain of salt. This is great keep making, please!!!! 

Fuck this game is so great. I would buy a small game like this if it was polished really well. I like the art and the movement is fun but I think could use some smoothing out. Overall just this is awesome great job.   

Iz fownd hotdog an hotdog goodzz az well fowndz goodezt ovs gamez gratez gobz!!!!

great job please make more if you all want to cuz I have money to throw at indie creators!!!

The game is good some of the levels feel weird for the setup, but all games have one or two part of levels that are little less functional or interesting. 

Super Qub - Strategy building game that is Tetris but with living blocks) 

build a lil tower in the new X_X_X GAMES new demo game Super Qub as you Tower Up on each level with new set bases for each level. The game is in need of players and feedback about the game in hopes of a strong and functional build for the physical release early next year.


I think it needs checkpoints for each level just because it feel better in games.

but good job love the art keep making more