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Hi and thanks for your feedback

I agree with the graphics ,they can greatly be improved as we don't have graphists in the team...we made the minimal to have a working prototype.

For the moving spikes, you have two way for curling the snake, zig zag and jumps...with a good jump timing and jumps it can be done. But i agree it is not the easiest part of the game, i think it's the more difficult and there is no more difficulties after.(almost the end)

And as you said the first room was easy, the second less, and that's the prurpose of the snake mechanics, simple things becomes harder once you grows. The game isn't probably well balanced, we worked one week only on the game. The main goal is to have feedbacks, and perhaps in the future make a complete game...

For the safe point heal, i agree with you. Only eggs heal the snake, and i didn't notice it wasn't enough.

Thanks for playing ;)


That's the whole snake mechanics purpose, the more longer the more vulnerable :)

Thanks :)

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Thanks, and yes the tail regrows :D

Thanks :)

Nice work, i like it!!

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks, glad you liked it

Thanks, just a prototype, lot of things can be improved

Thanks :)


Tested it on Ubuntu Chromium:

- almost 1mn to load with a black screen, consider putting a progress bar

- no sounds the first time it launched, worked after that

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Hi and thanks for playing.

Yes i had many feedbacks about the dragon, so i added 2 platforms to help a bit. Less need for run and jump.

Next version available, and sorry for the late reply...


Not so hard, you just need to run and jump and don't let him goes near you :)

Thanks for playing


Yes the final boss have a lot of hp, that's where spells are useful, particularly the third one.

Thanks for playing, i'll will try to adjust the hitboxes in the future, and fix a few bugs.

Hi, and thanks for playing

To beat the dragon, run and jump, and don't let him go near you ;)

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Nice work!! Thank you :)

I used it on a little metroidvania as main character.

and credited you at the end of the game

Hi ansimuz, nice work as usual!!

Thanks a lot for all your work.

I made a little metroidvania with all your free Gothic Vania packs for a jam.

You can test it here:

Keep the good work :)

Hi Wizard and thanks

Yes it's a game i made quickly just to show some Phaser 3 features to a friend.

And yes, the dongeon use procedural generation, i use Phaser 3 and a plugin for the procedural part. It's a bit difficult to explain but if you're very curious you can see the source here


Thanks for this cool tileset, i really appreciate that there is characters, enemies with bosses, weapons etc. 
I did a little procedural dungeon, you can see it here:

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

For the doors, i didn't spend enough time on the layout so there is many errors and illogic things, and bugs...

Thanks :)

Yes the "snake" boss is a bit hard, you must be patient to kill him, and keep an eye on life.

Great work, i liked the character's and  the enemies's animations !!

Thanks for the linux version :)


Great work, i like the concept, but the maniability needs some time to get acustomed. I got the 2nd jump module but get stuck a few screens later where there is 2 moving platforms, vertical and horyzontal.

Thanks for the Linux version :)

Thanks :) 

Thanks for playing, and i agree with what you said. When the game starts there is a message "Press any key to get lost" and if we aren't lost in the map, we're lost between doors's colors and numbers, and this becomes really boring. The most satisfaction comes when we kill a boss. :)

Thanks :)

Nice work!!


Game doesn't start when i click start or press enter, devtools give this error:

texture data exceeds maximum texture size  at C3.Gfx.WebGLRendererTexture._CreateStatic

Hi superjaimie

Thanks for the feedback, i really appreciate.

I agree with you on many points:

- i modified jump many times, but i'm not satisfied... spin animation is only 4 frame, and i'm not the graphist, free assets so ...

- i modified default controls once, but every player is different, that's why i added a config page. I use a gamepad mapped to the keyboard, i tried to support gamepads natively but it seems not very well supported and standart on browsers yet

- enemies's script need a rework, the jumping enemy is scaled x2... i need more assets...

But the good news is that this game is just a POC. The final version will be different and more like super metroid with:

- rooms relied by doors

- more power-up and weapons

- more enemies variety

and i hope many other cool things

Wow, i like them!! Great work!! They will finish on my K-438 B game :)

Hi, pause the game and save everywhere.

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Hi ^densch

Thanks, i'll modify that soon. The game seems hard at beginning, but once you get more life and a good weapon, it become easier.

EDIT: Game updated with your recommendations

Nice work!! I like the atmosphere. Works fine on my ubuntu 18.04.
Keep the good work!!

Nice work !!!

Give me your impressions, so i can improve future verions of the game