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I don't remember this choice, probably by habits.

But you can configure the buttons on the config menu.

Thanks :)


I reduced the hover time, and decreased the gravity a bit

Really strange, there's no difference in the code between the whip key and the jump key. I don't know why it happens. Try to use the whip key as the jump key to see if it works. When you use the jump, hold down the key at least 1 second to make a full jump.

Hmm... What browser do you use? I usually play with this keys and no problem..


Did you try to map it in the config section?

And if yes, what key?

Hi, thanks :)

The windows version is an electron like app (nwjs) and use chromium, there is no tweak on the controller. Perhaps with  a software like joytokey

Thanks for playing, i'll fix it asap

It works fine now, thank you.

Hi. Really nice. 

However i have a problem opening the zip. The zip seems corrupted :/

Thanks :)

And thanks for rating too. 

You talked about audio bugs, can you tell me more?

Yes it's the final boss. The last sword is well hidden in the first part of the castle.

You're welcome

Hope this helps, once you found it, please delete the map, to not spoil others players. And rate it plz, it's the best you can do for this game :) Thanks for playing ;) 

It's the room next to a little room with verticals saws

In the first part of the castle, there is a room with a big red enemy, when you enter the room, listen carefully, you can hear an enemy, there's an hidden wall.

There is false walls, and breakable walls with the hammer sword. Some breakable walls are visible, but others aren't. 

If you open the inventory, all cells have an item. If i remember well, 10 swords, 5 shields, 5 bows, and 5 unique items like the boots

This version use the locaStoarge too, it's the same code, but embeded with NW.js (sort of Electron). It is probably stored somewhere in your home folder, but i don't know where exactly

In the browser's localStorage

You missed the double jumps boots, in the vertical room before the circular saw, you can explore the left.


There's no map, but the world isn't big. Let me know where you are so i can help you

Really Nice!! What's the licence ?

(1 edit)

Sorry, i forget to precise default controls:


Try to change the sword key for a letter, this is not supposed to happen...sorry

Thanks, it's a old bug i already fixed, what keyboard key do you use for sword?

Haha, thanks for the video, it's quite fun to watch your gameplay and the comments (I kinda understand br). You seem to struggle with the axeman, I have to admit the hitbox is quite thin, due to the fact that the character is quite thin too. I will fix it.

Thanks, let me know about the bugs, i'll try to fix them.


Acharis is a brand new redesign of Revenge of Acharis (made a few years ago for a jam). 

Help Acharis defeat the monsters in this open castle. 

Earn new weapons and abilities to reach other rooms, to finally face the final boss! 

Nice !!

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Phaser 3 with Typescript too.

I never heard about Excalibur, looks interesting, thanks.

Nice little game, i enjoyed it.

Graphics and gameplay are polished.

Well done!!

Same problem for my game, it worked in the past...something changed on

Give me your impressions, so i can improve future verions of the game

Since the first prototype available here, i worked a lot on a real metroid like game based on this assets.

The player mechanics mimics super metroid.

Actually there's already 4 explorable zone: forest, lava, water and snow.

 All the player abilities are almost done but needs some fixes here and there.

 Some enemies are ready, others not yet implemented.

About bosses, the forest mini-boss is done. The lava and water bosses are almost done.

Available features:

  • wall jump
  • ball suit, ball suit bomb, ball suit jump, ball suit sonar
  • jump booster suit
  • speed booster suit
  • cling suit
  • dash, dash-shield
  • weapons: beam, machine gun, missiles, flame thrower, laser

Here's a few screenshots, stay tunned !!

Main menu themeForest zoneSnow zoneLava zone

Water zoneElevator