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Hi, pause the game and save everywhere.

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Hi ^densch

Thanks, i'll modify that soon. The game seems hard at beginning, but once you get more life and a good weapon, it become easier.

EDIT: Game updated with your recommendations

Nice work!! I like the atmosphere. Works fine on my ubuntu 18.04.
Keep the good work!!

Nice work !!!

Give me your impressions, so i can improve future verions of the game

K-438B community · Created a new topic Bug Report

Feel free to submit bugs here.


Nice, they are better!!

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Hmm strange, I beat the boss easily at the door. 

There is another way to win easily: you need to find energy packs and to have 400 hp, the swell weapon and the firerate bonus. You can find all this in the upper part. 

Once you have all this, just shoot the boss, he will die before you.

Yes boss ia isn't fun, i need to rework it, you can use the door as a safe place.

SHRUBNAUT community · Created a new topic Nice one !!!

I don't finished the game, but mechanics are fun!! no enemies, just a big puzzle with grapin :)


I started a "metroid like" game, it's a long term project.

The actual released version is for testing purpose, feedbacks, criticisms to help make a better project.

So feel free to comment what you like, what you dislike.


You can save your progression at everytime, press p to pause the game, and save. Tips choose wisely your save position, as enemies reappears.

Now you know where is the boss, save just before and you're good.

The all game can be finished in less than 15mn, once you know where to go it is really fast to full restart ;)


Here is my list of tools for HTM5 games:

  • Ubuntu
  • Vscodium (vscode without trackers)
  • Phaser 3 (game engine)
  • Gimp
  • Tiled
  • sfxr (sound fx)
  • Reaper (sequencer)
  • Github
  • Qjoypad (map gamepads buttons to keyboard keys)

Thanks :)

Strange, could you tell me your config? 

Otherwise, you could use a secret passage, once you got morphball, go back to the right, jump the platforms and return to the beginning of 
the  game, while morph you'll find the passage on a left wall.

Thanks :)

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Hi, thanks for playing

The Octopus in the water is just too strong at the beginning, you can beat him later, for now, while falling just press right direction until you reach the ground, and voila. Or you can find secret passage too

And yes enemies are strong at the beginning, once you get better weapons you'll beat them easily

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ohh, sorry for misunderstand i'm not english.

I choosed option A, i'm uploading the new version now.

Edit: upload done


Hi, thanks for your comment

A: you are right, i'll fix that

B: if you beat the boss and save, the boss will not reappear, normal behaviour (like super-metroid)

C: HP is reset to the last save, but if A is fixed you'll not be stuck with 25hp in the boss room

A new planet has been discovered: K-438 B

We need information about-living organisms and potential threats.

Explore the planet!

Good luck!!

This is my first published game, a tiny "metroid like"  made with phaser 3.

The game mostly use assets from Ansimuz, so a big thanks to him!!

Hope you'll like it


Thanks for all your work!!

I used it to make a mini metroid like game. Hope you'll like it.