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Thank you!

Thanks so much! :)

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Sorry for the long delay responding! Had to gain access to an old test machine.

I believe you'll find them under: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Crafted Reveries Limited\Shu_s Garden

Assuming C: is where Windows is installed.

Also, BTW the reason it pauses for so long is that these are actually scaled up 8x. This feature was for internal screenshot-taking purposes and in retrospect should probably not have remained connected to a controller button...

Thanks! There should be a button which you can hold to lay down for rest. It can be a bit glitchy. 

As for hunting and socializing... they were not completed so these bars mean nothing. Prototype! 😬

This depends on your system, but on a Mac running Mojave they currently end up under [username]/Library/Application Support/Default, where Library is a hidden directory.

This is not ideal, I'll admit, but given the game's age we aren't likely to improve the save location anytime soon.

This button saves a high resolution (4X IIRC?) screenshot. Does it freeze for a couple seconds and then resume?

So glad it helped! 

If you are at the title screen, simply press and hold a button on the controller you want to play with. It takes a couple seconds. 

Rad! Thanks!


There is supposed to be a link on the download page to claim a key, but I don't see it myself RN. Inquiring with the peeps and will get back to you.

Thanks for trying it! Are you using a keyboard+mouse or a controller?

You're quite right. The upload has been replaced with one that contains all of the data. (Still untested.)

Thanks for trying it! We’ll see about uploading a corrected version. 

Wow. I'm sorry you ran into such a serious technical problem! Glad you found a work-around, at least, as ATM we don't really have time to go back and patch it further.

Thanks! Tell your friends :P