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i think badgis is the ego of goodgis so the grave is actually goodgis saying to the player he's his only friend 😥

and also there are the com of Firith studio saying its not bad soooo the elfe are not badgis BUT goodgis 👀

i will try to get the secret lore but Mhh i'm not sure if i will get it ^^

why there are no meteorites D: i need meteorites for my game :(


i finish the game he was so cool !!!

whoa the game is so cool !!

whoa its a good game i wait for the second game ;)

i finish the game he's so cool !

thanks a lot :D

ok ok I'll think about it ! and thanks for your comment :D

Thanks a loot :D

Thannks :D

yeah i will fix the bug after the rate moment ! and thanks for your comment ! 


when you move the sound is not very good ;/

this is my game : 

its a very good game but the sound must be change x/

its a very good game but the sound must be change x/

the game not loading 

this is my game ! i will play your game :D

this is my game :D

i love the concept and all controls ares good ! 

Can you rate my game pls ?

i will do the same for ure game ! :D

i believe you (my game have  30 wave) ! and for be sure everyone understand the theme of my game i have update the title ! tell me if the effect of being invincible works! because I wanted to give the player the impression of being invincible pls !

thanks bro !

thank you ! but other people have pointed out to me that they did not understand where it relates to the theme so I updated the name of the game!

thanks ! and its tiny but less is more -> bullet is ennemy less bullet more ennemy (and power up) each time you shoot you have a slower fire rate and more ennemy and power up ! I have never made mobile games but when I know how to do it I will definitely come back to this project!

woaw the level design is so good i'm feeling really comfortable with this level design :O



no big deal :)

good idea but i dont see the word :'(

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i love the game its so cute

cute little game : 49 score