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Good game, but you should add an 'easy mode' with checkpoints because i don't think everyone has the determination to make it to the top !

I agree

If the embedded video is not loading you can type: Charming charm make | Full Walkthrough in youtube

Yes, thank you for commenting ! I will not modify my project, but if you're stuck you can watch the full walkthrough (I posted it in the comments)

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Here's a walktrough of the full game if you're stuck !

very cool ! i wish you good luck (i know you don't need it =)

Yep Thanks !

Thanks !

To be honest in my game it's way too easy to become OP, so i'm making a post jam version balancing everything and giving a good use for the nuke. Thanks for the comment 👍

Thanks ! Yeah i'm going to make a post-jam version with everything balanced and more content hopefully :)

Thank you for playing !

Thanks a lot !

Thanks ! Yeah i'm going to make a post-jam version hopefully :)

Thanks !

really liked the vibe of the game, very cozy :)

Overall pretty great game ! 

gg !

The game is very polished good job ! Also why are you faster when you move vertically :/

I liked the game but why is it so slippery DD: (great game tho)

Wow great game ! 

sadly i don't have powerpoint 🫠

Wow this game is really complex i like it

Good game overall ! gg

heres mine :))

heres my game :))

I hope i didn't miss out on too much :/

Thanks again !

Thanks !

i need to nerf blood bags asap :/

Thanks !

Ok thanks !

oh nvm i found the issue i didn't know at the time but the leaderboard only shows the top 10 instead of all the scores :/

Yeah this was one of my inspiration !

Thanks !

Really great idea ! i just didnt manage to do the laser part in 1D :/

heres mine if you want to check it out

Wow i like the  idea ! also heres my game

heres mine

heres mine

Here's my game, hope you like it :)