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did this with my friend :)

great game 👍

wow really funny..

Very polished, good job !

Loved the game and the polish, good job !

I really love the art  👍

I think you should do the "cling to the wall" mechanic like spelunky 2 (pressing the jump button will do a little jump). Like the game, very polished and great animations, gg !

Thanks for the feedback, i'll maybe do a post-jam version that fixes every tiny details that i've been neglecting 👍

I can't find the download button °_°

I'm pretty sure yes

thanks ! i'm waiting for it, i'm really bad with this program but when i see what you can do with i think learn all the nodes and their usages would be good and VERY useful !

A little wiki because i fell the tool have the potential to be a a very cool software for pixel artists !

i'm not easily deafeated >:( 

u are trolling me right ? x_x

the code of the game ? like the source code ? and i only code in gdscript not in gml :/ but i'm still gonna try ^^

whaaat pls tell me how ta pass the red door :(

ok 0_0

oh thanks c;

my brain is burning right now 0_0 good job for this game ! (also check out my game c:)

its a very good idea but its not sync :/ and good job its a good game c; (also check out my game :p)

the idea of the game remind me of doctor mario, its a good game just little bit hard but good job :/ (also check out my game c:)

this game is very very cool, and the difficulty line is very well made, good job (also check out my game :3)

you are clearly french (me too c:) and i didn't understand the goal of the game also,  the sprite of the triangle and everything else made me laught c; (also check out my game !)

its a cool game but the controls are not very responsives so its hard to press the button at the right moment

its a cool game but the controls are not very responsives so its hard to press the button at the right moment

thanks ! sure =)


ok, this is the point of the game, that you can see only one part of the level at the same time and sorry i didn't make the sounds, saad memon make them . thanks for your suggestions ! =D

better than the original

its the game ^^ also thanks you !

thank you ! c;

thanks ! ok i'm gonna check your game c:

its a cool game but i dont know how that fit the theme switch, plus the game is waaaaay too hard ofr someone who just want to play and rate somes games wisout having to tryhard to reach a mini-game or something like that ^^. but also the game is very cool !

i liked the game but the movement are too unpredictable, add sounds, line for the movement (like angry bird) and boom you have a very cool game !

thank you!

j'ai fait 610 si je me souviens bien ._.

merci !

thank you for your comment !

j'me souviens plus du nom mais t'as utilisé quel assets pack pour ce jeu ?

le jeu est TROP BIEN