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Hey that's so cool! You guys made it really entertaining to watch, I appreciate you taking the time to try the game out.

You really did well with using the theme! Good idea, the only thing I would mention is the controls didn't feel smooth or natural. It took me a while to get the hang of

Great game! I love your idea, so original. I struggled a bit with the movement, but the simple art suits it so well. Good job


Haha, thanks, I think 😅. Well the theme for the jam is decay, so gotta include it in there somehow

Thank you! I'm really happy with how the story came out


Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game

Well done on your game, it turned out really well! I struggled a bit with the first two levels and throwing the one character, but I managed to get the one player to bounce on top of the other when they collided, so that's how I got past those levels... 😅

On my way to play your game!

Here is the game I made:

Wow, absolutely love your game! The graphics are really cute, and the gameplay is ridiculously fun and clever. Well done!

Hey, on my way to check your game out. But in the meanwhile, here is my game: 

Hey, it would be great if you could check out my game!

Man, don't know if google translate is doing you justice. The only part it could translate was you asking what kind of game I am making😅. I'm not really making a game. Just learning in general, testing different things out. 

Well done, you managed to get a lot done in only 7 days. That's really impressive!

Love the story idea! The camera angle was a bit weird, wish I could've changed it. But a really cute game!

Oh gosh, yes, for some people they seem to run a bit late! 😅 But thanks for playing the game, it means a lot to me.

😂 I'm really glad you liked the story, I had so much fun working on it! I'm thinking a sequel is necessary at this point!

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed my game that much, it means a lot to me.

Just checked out your game, your art is so so cool! Love your style!

I love your art style! And your game idea is really cool!

Thank you! 😊

Thank you! I think the story definitely has potential to go further!

Oh my freaking word! You did a ridiculously good job on this game. The sound is to die for, I love how it goes up in intensity with how many gang members you have. And the art to amazing!

Great game! 😊

Here is my Game!

Love the art style! But I found some of the levels really difficult to work out what to do 😅

I'm kind of lost for words here. This game is so ridiculously beautiful and simple and it makes my heart happy.

I'm really glad you liked the game! I also think the art is amazing, it was created by the very talented RunninBlood!

Haha, I'm sorry the first attempt you had no help from the monsters, I seriously don't understand what causes that to happen sometimes 😅. Also, I hadn't really realised that you, the player/monster, do respawn. Soo maybe it does end up being an endless battle 😂

Thanks! Yeah, I really like the idea so I am thinking about taking it further 😊

Oh dear, I haven't figured out why sometimes your fellow monsters just don't turn up to the end fight 😅 But I am glad you still enjoyed it!

Okay great, thanks! 

One other question, I've got a project I want to work on during this, but I've also got a jam that starts while this one is happening, can I just upload updates on either game? It doesn't just have to be one right?

Thanks so much! I try to do the amazing art justice 😊

Thank you! I'm really happy with how the story panned out in the end 😊

Wow, such an interesting game idea. I love it! And the art is really cool 😊

Thank you! I'm honestly surprised it all came together within the week. But I'm really proud of it so it means a lot to me that you enjoyed it 😊

Awww, thank you so much! My favourite part of making this was watching everyone who play tested for me's reaction to the story 😅.

But I am really glad you enjoyed it!

I'm really keen to join this game as it seems to perfectly fit what I am trying to achieve. But I mostly make browser games (So the whole upload a new project would just override my last one) and I'm not even sure that you'd be able to see much of a difference between days to justify uploading a whole new project. 

So my question is, can I just use the devlogs to upload a summary and maybe a screenshot/gif/video to update the project daily? Does that count?

Ahh, it's too cute! I'm a massive fan of your art (I used one of your packs in my game for this jam) so obviously I think the visuals are adorable. But I think I've discovered that I am terrible at Tetris😂 

Great game, and well done on your first game jam! some feedback, the wall stick makes jumper quick tricky ( But I think I saw that you said you've already updated that for after the jam has ended?) and some of the spikes collision boxes are a bit wide, so I would find myself dying with out really touching anything. But really great job!

I know right. He's literally pixel art goals!