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Yes, I actually was one of them :)

I really like all the small details. It would be really cool to add some kind of a supervisor, who gives you annoying comments through a speaker. 

I always like the focusing on core ideas and build a fine game around it. Well done!

The arte style, the overall feel of the game and smoothness, this is an ideal relaxation game for me.

I totally like the c64 content and this game fits in great! The title screen is fantastic.

The character movement feels already very smooth, i also like the opening of the door animation.

the roundabout is my absolute favorite, it's funny, i know a very good pizza place in italy with the name paolo :)

Pretty great game idea!

i'm totally into the c64 graphics and the overall style. i still have mine from the old days. Thank you for keeping this spirit alive :)

A perfect showcase, that video games can be indeed art :)

The music fits perfectly!

I really like the animation of the knight, gives me a vibe of the old mega man games :) great music choice as well. The description on the character screen could be a bit more visible, difficult to read.

It would be really great to implement an option, to just chill around with the fish without any enemies. Great relaxation game.