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This would be a pretty good idea for any story-based things anyone wants to do.

Pretty sure this bug will be fixed in the next update anyways

After all, why shouldn't I?

Why shouldn't I join the discord server?

In  parallel universe where Germany, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, India, Norway, Ecuador, Egypt and Brazil never existed and Mongolia was divided

Damn those Botswannan-Indianan-Tennesseen-Papua New Guinean-Vietnamese-Afghan-Antigua and Barbuan-Mainer-Vuanuatuans!

Formables ideas:

Korea (North Korea or South Korea)

Soviet Union (Russia)

Ottoman Empire (Turkiye)

European Union (All of the EU Member states)

UK (If deformed, England, Scotland or Wales)

USA (If deformed, all US states and Puerto Rico can form this)

Roman Empire (Italy)

Byzantine Empire (Greece)

Arabia (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman or the UAE)

Central American Union (Guatamala, Honduras, El Salvador or Nicaragua)

Caribbean (All of the countries in the Caribbean)

Baltic Union (Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia)

Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Norway or Denmark)

Iberia (Portugal or Spain)

China (PRC or ROC)

This is just a list of my formable ideas, but so many more countries from world history could be added, even fake countries or regions could be added as formables! Yeah this is pretty ambitious ngl.

Also love your game! Very cool, five stars.

Some ideas I like:

-Modding capability (I know everyone is talking about this, i've read every reply so I can tell how annoying it can be, but it'd be really cool)

-Selective independence (At the start of the game you could have a list to choose which countries are independent and not)

-Formables (When certain countries get a certain percent of certain provinces, they can change their name to a different one, like Italy forming the Roman Empire)

-Deformables (Like formables, but all countries inside a formable become independent.)

-Larger = Harder to annex (Make it so the larger a country is the harder it is to annex by one single country)

-Mouse dragging (Let the camera be moved by the mouse)

-Change "Ivory Coast" and "East Timor" to "Cote 'd Ivoire" and "Timor-Leste" respectively (don't actually know if you've already done this, but these are the official names of the countries)

As with this idea, make it so the UK can collapse into Wales, Scotland and England. Give Northern Ireland to Ireland and release anything it has colonised (or just give them to a random one of the three)

Cabo Verde is the official name of the country and in some parts of the world Neighbours is spelt like that.

Also don't forget about Bougainville not having a capital letter.

A bug I found in the game is when you click on the independence priority thing the game will close.

My question is if I wanted to add my own countries to the game or change the chances a bit how would I do that?