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The game is good and the graphics and music go well together. The theme is well respected ! Good job !


Sfx are soooo good ! And the visuals are also very good ! The idea of climbing the ranks in the army is pretty well found! I really like this game :D

Thank you ! I didn't think about that when I made the dialogue system :/

Thank you ! In the menu you can't click you have to choose et button with the arrows and then press enter or (A) if you have a controller :/ Sorry for the bugs :////

Thank you ! But i'm sorry for the leaderboard bug and for the loop at the end :/

The game is bugged, the leaderboard doesn't work the end screen loops constantly.

Thank you mate !

Oops :/ Normally if it isn't bugged you just have to press A or Return when you are close enough of the hornet.

Thzank you ! :)

Thank you ! There is a little bug when you begin to play but you just have to press start to debug the game :/ 

I'll try your game 

D: Oh i'm sorry for that :( I'll check ! Thank you for your reply

Thank you for your reply ! I'll Rey your game too !

Thank you men ! I'm sorry for this :/ I'll add different mode ans ressources respawn and also a little light around the player :) Thank you for your reply :D

Yes, I know... I didn't find this bugs because of time. But I post an another version of the game on my page. There is not collision bugs in this version but dialogs are not patch. Thx for the feed back :D