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When you want to make a bad game and the result is somewhat great that means you're just too good ! Dialogs are fun and visuals are cool ! Good job .-.


I'm not the best at level design but I tried something :/ Thanks for your comment !

Thank you !

Thank you so much !

Thanks for all your advices Beez ! I take notes :D

Thank you !

Thanks !

Merci !

Thank you ! I realised that the sphere was blocked even when you try to jump over the water but I didn't have time to change it ;-; It's annoying me too.

Everything is so good with your game ! Theme is respected, artstyle is really good and gameplay too. I'm really surprised that you managed to create this game in only 9 hours !

Thank you ! I'm not the best at level design .-.

Thank you !

Gameplay is great, artstyle is amazing ! I really like your game ! Good job !

Your game is simple yet so good ! I like the artstyle and the gameplay is really engaging ! Well done !

You have done a good job ! I think that sides are not equally difficult: defense is easy but infiltration is pretty hard. Anyway, good job !

Great game but I think it's a bit too easy. I am surprised that you managed to create this game with Scratch. Overall, nice job!

Very good ! Thank you !

One of the best jam game I've played ! I loved this game, everything is good !

I think this is a great game, even if the visuals are a little bit trippy. Great work !

This was one of the best game I played in this jam ! Great work !

It could be better if the jump was on space, it was a little confusing at the beginning.

This game was really cool ! A little hard for me at the end, but with a bit of polish it could be a release on steam.

Thank you ! 

If you don't encounter a bug, when you throw the bottle your target come towards it and when that happens, you can crouch (with CTRL) and come to its back to kill it (with Left Click).
If you are running to close to the target, it will detect you.

I liked the game. The atmosphere of the game goes well with the theme of the jam. But the character's hitbox is a bit too big which is a bit frustrating when you hit a wall trying to escape an enemy. Overall, I like your game.

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I really like your game ! Pretty cute, music is cool and the fact that enemies only move when we're not looking at them is pretty interesting I think.

Really cool ! But the light effect is a little too bright I think. However, good job !

Round about is a really great puzzle game ! You made a great use of the theme, I like it !

Great game ! Sometimes moving the ball is a bit hard and the background can be really trippy. However, I enjoyed playing this game.

At the beginning I had an idea a little bit like that but I didn't know how to do it so I did something else. You made something really great with your idea ! Great work !

The game is cool ! It reminds me of Captain Toad. But sometimes the camera rotation is a little bit weird.

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Hey ! There is a little bug: the pieces will rotate randomly at the beginning, but the pieces can rotate at their original position. If the pieces are all rotated at their original position before the beginning, the game will be softlock. You just have to restart the game. PS: The Web Build was a little too long ;-;

Too much memory or what ?

;-; Thank you for your answer.

Hello !

I have my game in the jam (Rotle) but it's a windows build. Can I upload the web build that was really long to build ? (I promise there are no changes between the two builds).


Don't remove your rating. Thanks for your advice !

The idea is strange but the game is really great ! I like to flip coins now !

It's a pretty cool game ! The story is great and the art style is beautiful ! Achieving this in just 3 days is impressive ! 

I'ts a good game with a good idea behind it ! I really liked it !

I know the game is not really balanced and fun actually. I guess it might be fun for me to try to make a better multiplayer game from it. Thank you for your comment !