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Super interesting concept! Looking forward to the whole game. Will the full version be free or commercial? 

Oh, okay! Thanks for letting me know. Now I don't feel so frustrated thinking that I missed something, lol. For the other routes, (both Jon and Katy's) will I still get the good endings for the characters if the relationship is in 'soulmate' but there's still a little left unfilled?

Created a new topic Eric route

Hi! Love the game, it's amazing. I was wondering if you had any tips about Eric's route, I can get him up to soulmate but it's never completely filled no matter what i do so I can't get his good ending. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Eric's my favorite after all!(:

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Hello! First of all, I love the game it's great! I downloaded the free version and started playing Everett's route, but after I got the second heart filled (almost filled?) his affection stopped going up. It's stuck at 30 and no matter what I do it won't change.  Help would be much appreciated! 

Posted in Open Beta + FAQ

hello! I've played this game a lot since it came out and it's amazing! I love it! I sent in a band snapshot for the premium content thing a while back but never got an email back. Sorry for the inconvenience! Keep up the good work. Really looking forward to Seth's route btw!

Hello! The game is really fun so far, the characters are cool! But, after the first location, when they go to the hotel, it says an exception occurred.