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Thanks for the kind words Nick! :3 If the booster shot doesn't kill me I should be able to  push an update tomorrow 💪

Highly addictive! Can't get enough of that floaty UI <3

Mouse sensitivity goes pewwwww hahaha.

Like the concept and the environment, especially those gloopy clouds <3

Nice challenge! And that transition fx *chefskiss*

Veeery interesting! More games should have fog these days :3

Very enjoyable :3

Digging the art style, very wholesome :3

Loving those frog sprites <3

<3 Wisp

I'm on a 2018 Mac mini with Intel graphics + a 1080p screen.

Could you add an option to turn off the post-processing effects / adjust the resolution? It's running very choppily on my machine :(

Ah sorry I misunderstood you then. Both those fonts come pre-installed with the machine tho :/ Might try using WINE..

Oh? By "the appropriate folder" you mean where the executable lives? Thanks for the suggestion!

Enjoyed my time wandering around the exhibition, though there seems to be an issue with text rendering on OS X, as in.. it's invisible for me. 

Hi Paws,

Such soothing tunes you have on offer!

I'm looking to assembling a team of fellow melonophiles for this jam, though I don't have anything in particular in mind at this point.

Is there anything style-wise you want to have a go at, or a musical idea you want to play with?



P.S.: 🍉 4 LIFE