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Enthusiastic Lover of Watermelon

A topic by Paws Menu created Jan 28, 2017 Views: 510 Replies: 2
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Hi, I'm a composer/musician who is genuinely adoring of the watermelon as a fruit and also as a concept.
If anyone would like some original music for their game jam game I would be happy to contribute to your project.

-wanting to focus on music for the melon game jam, I will likely be able to take on a couple melon based projects at a time, so feel free to reply to the post or through my website


Hi Paws,

Such soothing tunes you have on offer!

I'm looking to assembling a team of fellow melonophiles for this jam, though I don't have anything in particular in mind at this point.

Is there anything style-wise you want to have a go at, or a musical idea you want to play with?



P.S.: 馃崏 4 LIFE

i was thinking marimbas

feel free to email me and we can talk some ideas around