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The native Linux x64  version runs flawlessly on the Steam Deck, no tinkering needed.

Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain (Original Soundtrack) | Lena Raine

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Why is Mesa VirGL driver used? Are you running the game in a virtual machine (Qemu)? Ohhhh... Chromebook :/

Edit: if you're desperate, maybe try the software renderer:

$ LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=true ./Celeste64

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I had this error on desktop linux too (didn't test on my Steam Deck) and it seems to be related to the path of the game executable. If you have any colon (:) in the pathname, remove/change them, the game will launch. So... some shenanigan with pathname quoting or escaping? Otherwise the game runs great, 100%ed it.

Edit: colon is used as a separator for paths to search for files (in our case, libraries) in some environment variables. So here's my error. Yours is very similar but not 100% sure it's identical.

And... bought!

At last! :D

Already bought the game years ago on Steam but it's always nice to see a DRM-free build of a game on an underdog store (no pun intended). The Linux version seems to work perfectly fine.


Now that you offer a Steam key with every purchase, a "Get Steam key" button appeared on my purchase page (and for any previous buyer I suppose). But I also received another key via email, as you said... So... which one should I redeem now? XD

Thank you for the upgrade, by the way!

At last! Thanks.

Cool! :)

Still waiting... Just kidding of course, but yeah... :D

(Oh, I just saw the recent update and fixes on Steam, nice!)

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Yup. An update would be nice after all this time :)

Thank you.

Nice to see your games on Itch, DRM-free (GOG is cool too) :)

But the Linux build of Hook is borked: it's some build for Mac. Could you take a look? Thanks.

Late to the party. The Linux build works fine for me, be it the x86 or x86_64 version. Only bug I got is a way too dark lighting, had to disable SSAO in graphics options.

This. You get a "Please First Activate the Original Game" message if you try to activate your Part 2 key and didn't add Part 1 to your Steam library beforehand.

Nice. I had trouble in the past compiling gconf from AUR but it seems to work fine now (briefly checked: simply compiled and extracted the library sofile+symlinks to the lib64 game directory from the compiled package).

The game received a few updates recently on but the last update on was in september 2020 :/

Would be nice to see updates uploaded here too.

The error "System.Exception: Magic number is wrong: 542" is a bug with mono + ncurses 6.1 new terminfo file format. Easiest workaround is to launch the game from a terminal with:

$ TERM=xterm ./Hacknet

After that, if you encounter the following error: "./Hacknet.bin.x86_64: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" you'll need to either install the deprecated libgconf library or use the steam runtime (if steam is installed on your machine) as follow :

$ $HOME/.steam/steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/ env TERM=xterm ./Hacknet

Oh, I see. Thanks for the info :)

Thanks for the DRM-free build and linux support! Nice to see an open source engine too. But your game has a discoverability problem on Itch, it doesn't show up in search results for me (neither by title nor price).

Nice to hear :)

Any chance you can provide a Linux DRM-free build here on Would be nice.

Could you please check the 1.2.0 Linux build ? It seems to have the same content as the Windows one.

Thanks in advance :)

Linux build is now up on GOG.

Waiting on a DRM-free Linux build too (GOG, :)

Would be nice :)

Well... there is no DRM-free Linux version on Humble either :/

Would be nice.

Should work.


    if [ "$ARCH" == "x86_64" ]; then
        ./NeuroVoider.bin.x86_64 $@
        ./NeuroVoider.bin.x86 $@

Indeed... see for more info.

As suggested by Iglu47, simply run the game with: TERM=xterm ./NeuroVoider

AFAICT from the latest build (1.0.3), it's made with Unity 2019.4.11

I'd buy it if the advertised build/version wasn't so outdated :/

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Linux users:

In a file manager:

In the game directory, make the SpookyGhostsDotCom file executable by changing permissions (properties), create a linux64 directory and move the inside.

Or in a terminal:

$ chmod +x ./SpookyGhostsDotCom

$ mkdir linux64

$ mv linux64

Reason is, the game has a RUNPATH set to $ORIGIN/linux64, so it checks for libraries in the linux64 directory first.

Thank you for supporting linux :D. Full price it is!