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Blocklock City

A member registered May 27, 2016

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The new backgrounds look good and the double-click problem I talked about before seems to be fixed!  I like the station spaces, too, but you should really be able to leave them without using them.  I thought I was trapped in one because there's no obvious way to exit the GUI, and only discovered by accident that if you trade no cards, you can leave, but the station disappears.

Maneuver cards give +2 Attack, Armor, and Cards(!), not +1 like the cards say they should.  Not that I'm complaining for the time being, lmao.

There's also an issue that I forgot to mention in the first comment I left.  About 50% of the time, when I click on a card, the click seems to register twice and deselects the card immediately after selecting it.  I haven't changed any click-related accessibility settings from the Win7 defaults and I don't have this problem while doing anything else on my computer.

Looking good so far!  I played through a session and once I figured things out, had a good time and made it to the final boss.  The art is distinctive and stylish, and the transition from music to victory jingle is pretty clean no matter what part of the song it starts at.

Right away though, the first thing I wanted was a tutorial.  I'm still not sure what the numbers on the bottom left widget mean except for the center one, which is the total number of cards in your deck.  It's also pretty short, all things considered.  Size settings (small, medium, large) would give additional control over how long a game is on top of choosing how to navigate the board... and speaking of the board, I feel like the free spaces should do something.  Maybe you can backtrack through them, unlike enemy spaces, and/or they heal you by 1-3 points the first time you pass through.  Long-term it'd also be cool to see different "worlds", or even a "Challenge"/"Adventure" mode where when you beat the final boss of one world, you start in a new, harder board of a different world with your deck intact, and at some point there would be a real final boss.  For the "card shop", it might be useful to have a feature where you can pay to randomly re-assign the connections on a card you already own, ex. if it has one connection on the bottom, it's changed to have one connection on the top or one of the sides.

I look forward to seeing where Staff Only / Only Ruins Remain (?) goes.  I'm on a deck builder kick lately and this one really caught my attention.

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Requires too many keybinds, for one thing.  When using my controller, it's impossible to move up or down through menu options one at a time, it almost always skips one and moves by two instead, and trying to use the start button to bring up the inventory screen always double-triggers, so it opens, but then immediately closes.  Keyboard works fine, but no other games I've used this controller for have problems like this.  Then when trying to minimize the game during the tutorial dungeon, it froze in such a way that I couldn't even bring up Task Manager, I had to restart the computer.  I don't understand how something can have so many weird issues like this.  I know I'm not the only one.

I'm 20+ tries in and only seem to be doing worse the more effort I put in, I can't even get to phase 2 anymore.  I'm placing scrubbers and greenhouses to minimize both gaps and overlap and attempting to expand the river network so I can get power to the lowest level, which costs 350 (excavator --> calcifier --> wind turbine) for what feels like every two inches of river.  I reset the map to make sure there IS an initial river system (have seen a few maps where it seemingly fails to generate), that the river actually connects up, and that there's a decent distribution of stone across the top two levels, but there seems to be a hard limit of one stone patch on the lowest level, and because of that it's not possible to hold out for phase 2's cheaper buildings before building more than one or two excavators.

The part that drives me insane is that I don't see many different ways to proceed on any given map.  The top two levels are basically the same every time and sometimes I finish it with more money than I started with, but because of how expensive it is to get power around the bottom that money just evaporates in fewer turns than I can make it back.  It's hard to feel like the majority of maps Highlands generates are even winnable.

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When zen mode is implemented, it should allow unlimited undos.  The chain of dependency for getting certain buildings in certain areas means that if you messed up, it probably wasn't just one turn ago.

I feel like I must be missing something because Highlands is extraordinarily difficult... there's a tremendous number of things to balance when trying to plan ahead, not a lot of options for what you can actually do at any given time, and all it takes is one bad placement more than one turn ago to make the game unwinnable.  I've gone at it about 10 times now and have only gotten to the third "phase" twice, compared to Floodplain, which I barely knew what I was doing on and still passed without a great struggle the first time I got to the second phase.

Do you still intend to add save/load, rocks, things to dig, etc.? If nothing else, I would really like being able to save the game. Eking out a pointless existence on some randomly-generated islands is the kind of zen experience I'd go back to again and again.

I can't believe you're charging nine dollars for this pretentious, masturbatory crap.

After Archeos uses his three-bubble shield attack, and I break all of the bubbles, the game field freezes and I can no longer highlight or click on any monsters or items in my inventory. The menu buttons still work, for some reason, and animations still play. This has happened both times I've gotten to Archeos and has made him impossible to defeat...