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Black Finch

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Can't wait to try this out!

Do you mind sharing a bit of your tech stack for this? What did you use to make the models/animations? Are they variants from a set of prefabs or did you work from scratch in blender or something? I love the look of this game.

thank you so much! It means a lot that someone played it :)

ahhh shoot you're right, I forgot to put a wall in! idk if I'm allowed to fix it and reupload, but thank you for pointing it out, I missed it entirely. Thank you for playing!

love the pallet and art style!

thank you so much! I definitely underestimated exactly how small the restraints were haha!

thank you so much!

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Thank you! Which version were you playing? I've only tested the windows version , but if the sound effects aren't playing then something went wrong. Thank you for the feedback on the controls!