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oh yeah, trust me i know, still wanted to fully see what the devs created

you go up to the right, under the leve, then up around th left to the top of the level, i can't figure it out after that though

the "keep your output above..." events are broken, and there's a few typos, i assume this game was translated into english? but anyway, "improved sheleding" should be "improved shielding", "rase reactor capacity" should be "raise reactor capacity", but a fun game

yeah, if you jump across building over a koopa's head, you can just drop a bomb and it detonates with contact on any enemy, it's cool to get a quad kill with one button

personally I really like the javelin, it does pretty good damage, just combine that with something like rust for poison damage and air to keep enemies away and it's a really good build

how do you make magic wand? it's like the last thing i need 

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how do i make magic wand??? help pls

its cactus, which is flower plus axe, i pretty much 100% discovered the stuff in kraft & slash and its almost the exact same here, so yeah, figure out how to make axe and you're good

check out POOM (pico 8 doom)

pico 8 apparently, threw me off on the pico8 version of doom

when you do a 360, it says air 180, but a 180 is when you start facing forward and end backward. but if you start forward, turn all the way around, and end forward, it only says 180.

really fun game, i managed to get a highscore of 9k!!

took me over an hour with 744 deaths

i was sub 100 deaths before the last floor

i died only like 20 times on the way down

i hate the last floor