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I think maybe the flames? they could use some animation for sure, good luck!

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In unity there is an export to WebGL you can do, you will need to add the "WebGL build support" module to your unity install.

The game is so pretty! the gameplay is simple yet a lot of fun. I Feel like the colour theme is absolutely perfect, the addition of the pink shades (for the lovebirds) is nice. The music is perfect for this game as well!

Great game!

Nice concept, the way the movement works can make for a very unique and interesting game. It felt a little slow to me though, there was a lot of downtime where all you were doing was waiting (like for the cloud to come over towards you). I also felt like the art was kind of all over the place, a lot of different assets and sprites that are not made for eachother. Nice concept though, keep up the good work!

The music... It was perfect! We loved it all the way. The best part is that when you die it restarts the song. This is good because the start is the best part of the song. The visuals were great, somehow I thought it was hilarious how the chicken turns evil in hell and you have to run away from them. The background was also very well done with the lightning effects, rainbows etc. 

Great game!

Very nice looking game. It just gets a little annoying to clean the slime behind you all the time, it also takes quite long to do. Nice take on duality though :D

Felt very buggy at times, shooting arrows and switching worlds on the same controls? Also the ground detection (for when you can jump) was very buggy when standing on ledges. Cool concept and nice art though!

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Nice game! playing it together is a lot of fun. Looks great as well. It desperately needs some checkpoints though, getting all the way to the end just for your girlfriend to jump in the spikes can get really annoying by the end. Good submission though!

Awesome game! I was way better than my girlfriend, we got really competitive. Great idea!

What a great game! 

The first thing that caught my attention was the artstyle of this game. It is symplistic yet incredibly beautiful! The stars in the background, the willow trees (some with lights which was a nice touch as well) the foliage on the platforms. And the best part: the different themes in the dream and nightmare worlds. I thought it was so cool the first time I entered the nightmare world how everyting had such a different feel to it :D! The art was really well done in this one!

The gameplay was simple (as expected for a gamejam game) yet very satisfying. The goals were quite clear and I never felt lost at all. The difference between dream and nightmare worlds (where one is obstacles and one is collecting) made it so that the game felt fresh all the way through. Another great point for the gameplay was how new mechanics were added (in the nightmare worlds) as you explored more nightmare worlds. This ensured there were new challenges along the way which was a lot of fun.

Some points for improving:

  1. No sound effects (yet)
  2. Maybe make the stars in the background move slower than the foreground to add a depth effect (parallax effect)
  3. The animations on the main character feel a bit static, although I think the addition of sound effects can already go a long way to making the main character feel less static.
  4. Maybe some small particles that give the player feedback on movement (small dustclouds on running and jumping etc.). This is just a suggestion though and not entirely necessary since it might take away from the serene feel of the dream levels. (although having different ones for dream and nightmare levels might make them both feel more unique)

The highlights of this game:

  1.  Artstyle, this game has a clear artstyle and theme that is very well executed.
  2. Level progression, new things along the way that are introduces in surprising ways (like the snapping jaws in the nightmare levels).
  3. Story, I think it is a nice story how you go across the nightmare and dream levels to rescue your friends. Most gamejam games don't have any kind of story. The "The end" screen was a great addition as well, seeing the main character standing there with the rescued friends is great!

All in all a great and really impressive first game! Keep up the great work :D

Thank you!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed :D