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haha! I kind of fell in love with the sci-fi jargon trope and let it go a bit too far. That and the over-the-top dialogue had me laughing hysterically at my own work at one point. I just could not find the nerve to cut some of the content.

Thanks for the compliment. Admittedly, I struggled with the music, and it is not at all what I initially wanted. Glad to hear it worked out ok.

I ran out of time to do much more with it than what is here. Failure scenarios will have to be left up to the imagination, I’m afraid!

And yes, this was a binksi project. It was an interesting experiment for sure!

Yeah, it’s bitsy+ink = binksy! And I did make the palette choice based on the era the story takes place in. My second choice was one with an orange hue, giving things a copper tone. But I wanted a little more color. Some greens and blues.

Thanks for checking it out! It’s a jam project, and I’m not certain that I’ll continue it (never have taken a jam to completion). But I feel the same way about wanting to explore more of the world and relationships between characters. So, who knows!

Yes! This was my first exploration with Binksi. I thought it would be just constraining enough to pull off a game in a weekend. The one thing I overlooked was the time it took to compose music. Otherwise, Binksi was a great way to get something up and running rapidly!

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Thank you for the compliment!

There is a way to get outside, yes. It’s just a matter of interacting with everything in the workshop. The tables have multiple tiles to touch, by the way.

Yeah, that’s fair. It’s very incomplete. I just couldn’t finish everything in my vision on time!

The artwork is fantastic! My only request would be restarting the game when there is a collision instead of exiting.

I know, I'm sorry about that bug! There's a patch on github for it right now so you can play it, but you should vote for the entry as submitted.

The nerd in me wants more puzzle games with orbital mechanics, now...

I love how the theme was used in this game. Just wish that I could have completed it. :D

I looooooove the 1-bit graphics! The dev tools are awesome, and the dialogue system seems to work great.

It looks like a lot of work went into this. I didn't get a chance to try the multiplayer aspect. It was just me playing. :) Great to see that you got that modifier, though!

We had a lot of fun playing this on stream! Or at least I had a good time with it. I got to do the voice acting for the characters. XD

Beautiful! I would love to put this to some relaxing music that dynamically reflects the motion.

I think this one has issues with pixel pitch. I was able to click the buttons but my mouse cursor was far to the left of the actual button. And the character would scroll to the lower right of my screen. :)

It was entertaining to play with though!

The viewport does use floats! It should look like a very low resolution game without any sub-pixel positioning. The only jittery behavior I didn't address is with diagonal movement. It will cause the viewport to move in a "stair step" pattern instead of perfectly diagonally.

I'm so glad they keyboard layout worked as intended! Unfortunately it was broken on macOS so I had to change it to use virtual keycodes after the submission. I will continue working on it and controls are on the list to improve.

Everything was streamed to Twitch for the whole week: BlipJoy's Videos. You might be able to find some interesting things by skipping around in VODs while they are available. (Twitch will delete them eventually.) I'm planning to edit the recordings into a series of timelapse videos with voiceover. But that's still TBD. :)