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Hi again. We just uploaded the latest version. Please use that and your wheel should work properly. Thanks so much for your interest and support.

The game does support the G29 and most Gamepads. There might be an update today so if your wheel is not supported it will be very soon.

Thanks for your support!


The current version has a 4-wheel, counterbalance forklift. We are adding the side-stance reach truck next week (we hope) and the order picker soon after that. We're working with brands like Hyster, Toyota and others to provide licensed content into the game. There are several different environments available in the game already. We start players off in an open environment with cones to avoid so they can learn the basics. Then there are warehouses where the player will need to learn how to navigate aisles, normal and narrow. Other lessons teach players about loading and unloading trucks, racks, and all sorts of load and pallet types. We'll also be adding different attachments like one for steel rolls and double forks.

If you're already a professional forklift operator there are a few challenges that might test you but for the most part you'll breeze through. Stay tuned for our updates for when we add new trucks and modes like sandbox and career. We're also working on multiplayer but that feature is months away at this point.

Thanks for the interest. We hope you enjoy Forklift Simulator 2019.

We are having the same issue with Forklift Simulator 2019. Is there something wrong with our page? We have files for download.