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Nice game. I like cats. A reset button/key would have been cool.


A little bit of luck is involved. Besides, I should have explained what the different Colors do really. Did you realize that your green vertex/Vertices represent your life total?


Very solid for 48 hours. The only thing that I disliked was the sound of the weapons... 


It's cool, but the puzzle part is too easy. It is more like an interactive movie right now.

Quite the interesting game mechanics because the difficulty is self-adjusting. I like that. The voice acting is impressive.

It bothered me a little bit that you mixed quite some different art styles, which comes a bit strange(the portraits). And the red exclamation mark warning should be a second or two longer, otherwise you can't evade anyway. Maybe you could even change it to the color of the upcoming ship.

Really nice!

Oh, sorry, you're right my bad. I played it on a laptop, so my mouse was parked somewhere on the screen and I didn't notice...

Great game!

Btw. I found a bug: When you have 10 bullets exactly, you can not purchase anything that costs 10.

Programmer's art, you gotta love it :-) It is ok as a game, but it lacks content...

If it had a lot more content and better art I would probably even spend money on this... it is amazing.

Simple but interesting idea. It could be fun to play a few rounds with others but it lacks the depth I think for more than that. 

Legitimately awesome! Makes fun... but I can only play it in slow mode, or I die almost instantly, because it is so hard. Seriously, great work!

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The idea, theme and art of the game is great! However, it is not playable (yet)... no music or sound effects, clippping errors, dead enemies having a spasm, unfinished animations or coding, it is too difficult etc. 

The programmer is a hero for making it this far with pure Java... it is borderline insanity at it's finest tbh (I don't think I could do that in a week and I'm not that bad a programmer), but I think if you would have used any engine at all, you would have saved a lot of time and I probably would not have anything to criticise at all...

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It's short and nice. 27 correct on first try!

However, you missed that the correct answer is always around the center(I think you used some sort of gaussian distribution), so if I did not know some answer, I could cheat by selecting the fifth or sixth item.  

Graphics were ok, but the mixing of pixel art and normal 2d art was a little bit strange.

The music is great! 

My highscore after 15 minutes: