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Very enjoyable!

Do you have Discord?

Quite good for your first game :)

Thx for your comment. My plan for the decade jam is to create 10 increasingly complex RPGs.

So while it is a good idea to add procedural levels as you suggested, I'm already working on DW III :)

The last level was tough, but I beat it.

It is really good and fits the theme of the jam very well I think.

The only aspect that catched my eyes was that the level requirements/exp are set too high. Expecially in the later levels, I was just rotating the mouse forever until I got enough exp.

It seems weird that you just die when you have no money at the merchants, but otherwise quite interesting.

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Oh, and I wondered what those lines meant :) . Ok, so 11010 is my record. 26.

I wish there was a score, so I could brag about my SuperHexagon-Reflexes...

I won!

But it did take a little bit too long for my taste. Maybe consider making the update cost increase by 1 rather than 2... and having wood, stone and leaves seems to be a little bit overkill. I think wood alone as a resource would be sufficient.

Is there any way to win the game?

That was a blast. You put a lot of effort into level design. The final boss was a little bit uncreative, but otherwise absolutely top-notch.

I never heard of Defold before, is it good?

Nice little game.

At least for me, the movement of the black hole was stuttering. I think you're missing a Time.deltaTime for that.

Also: How did you make that splash screen with the game logo?

Yay. Well designed puzzles, respect. Will there be new levels in V2?

Nice simple game. But I can't distinguish between some of the colors.  Is that intentional or my color-blindness?

Very cool platformer with nice art. Sometimes it's a bit frustrating when you just see an arrow pointing in a direction, but you can't really see where you land. Otherwise: Noice!

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First of all, I played until wave 30, so it is a very fun game. But there are a few problems:

  • I can only click the text on the button, not the button itself
  • The  pixel resolution of the characters is different, and the art could be better or more consistent in general.
  • I don't have the feeling that the characters are balanced right now. The axe man feels overpowered compared to the others, and the mages are too weak I think.

Nice update. I just had a bug where I spawned on top of an enemy(on easiest difficulty, which is 2?).

I've passed the Karman line :) Nice game

Really nice.

I think with so few pixels, the coolest thing in my opinion would be to have a pdf manual like with old games. Otherwise a info screen or two in the main menu or somewhere would be nice, yes.

I like the art. It's hard to tell what the symbols in the upgrade screen mean, but figuring that out makes it more interesting in my opinion.

Just two things for now:

- Can you upload a zip-file instead of 7z. It's easier for Windows Users

- A reset button after Game Over would be nice. Or is there one already?

It looks good, but there are still some dummy blog posts on the page. And of course it's rather empty right now :)

Nice game. I like cats. A reset button/key would have been cool.


A little bit of luck is involved. Besides, I should have explained what the different Colors do really. Did you realize that your green vertex/Vertices represent your life total?


Very solid for 48 hours. The only thing that I disliked was the sound of the weapons... 


It's cool, but the puzzle part is too easy. It is more like an interactive movie right now.

Quite the interesting game mechanics because the difficulty is self-adjusting. I like that. The voice acting is impressive.

It bothered me a little bit that you mixed quite some different art styles, which comes a bit strange(the portraits). And the red exclamation mark warning should be a second or two longer, otherwise you can't evade anyway. Maybe you could even change it to the color of the upcoming ship.

Really nice!

Oh, sorry, you're right my bad. I played it on a laptop, so my mouse was parked somewhere on the screen and I didn't notice...

Great game!

Btw. I found a bug: When you have 10 bullets exactly, you can not purchase anything that costs 10.

Programmer's art, you gotta love it :-) It is ok as a game, but it lacks content...

If it had a lot more content and better art I would probably even spend money on this... it is amazing.

Simple but interesting idea. It could be fun to play a few rounds with others but it lacks the depth I think for more than that. 

Legitimately awesome! Makes fun... but I can only play it in slow mode, or I die almost instantly, because it is so hard. Seriously, great work!