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Bleeding Tapes

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i did in the new build, ill upload it soon

well it is very early development, music will be added but im pretty much a one man team, music will come at some point

I loved the video man! Super entertaining to watch! Thanks for playing it!

Thank you! yeah obviously theres gonna be way more for the menu

no sorry :/

I might!

Hey thanks for playing the game and making a video about it! I think you nailed the description of my game pretty well, I don't know how much i'll be supporting this playable build, I have a few updates played for it but don't know how far I'll take it for the  "demo". Thanks for being interested! I really appreciate it!

Thank you! I appreciate the nice words and feedback!

It work pretty well, but i have no idea what the timeline bar does haha

Very clean ui and very responsive! Great job for your first tool! On the originality spectrum tho it does lose some point, but overall good tool!

Pretty neat lighting editor! If only you had color control... ;P good job on this one!

UI could be a little better but its super effective at what it does! Good work!

This is actually really fun to mess around with! Super original and has great features!

Great little tool! It works pretty well except for the ear rape but thats just on me lol.

You can post your suggestions here and I might add it!

oh cool! Thank you :D

Yeah the minotaur can be a little hard to beat haha, but thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Well I'll take that as a compliment! Thank you, and uh yeah poor innocent people

Thank you very much :D

I honestly don't remember the font lmao, and sorry you couldnt play it :/

What i mean by mediocre, is that its simple art :P and to make, what would make it more fun is have waves at the very least with breaks in between, and also maybe explain what the enemies are furthe and have a bit more feedback when you get hit, place things down, hit an enemy, kill an enemy. Basically juice it up!

I'm sorry but this was quite poor :/ It could of been nice I'm sure of it but, iI didn't quite enjoy this one. You're just thrown in it without any warning really and kinda have to figure out what to do, I didn't seem to find the money so i kinda was spamming a the screen until it placed it, the visuals, were, not terrible, but very mediocre, the sounds were ok, the music was stock for sure :P and the gamelay wasn't really fun :/

I enjoyed this quite a bit actually! The visuals were really good, although the background sand might be a little overwhelming to the eyes the rest was really pretty, the colors, animation, everything. The gameplay was pretty good too, it had a sense of satisfaction (although i broke the game I believe by pressing alt-enter and it showed me all the weapons :P) buying things had a sense of strategy, higher rate of fire, slower rate, wider range, it was good.  The sounds were good generally, the... turrets I guess had a good satisfying sound for each of them, the only problem was the shark death sound, that seemed a bit weird and buggy, and the music was a little repetitive. And for the story, not much of it but, the sand dollars made me laugh so I atleast put 2 stars :P. I believe i survived until wave 22, began to be quite hard hehe.

Yes you are allowed.

Yes hiems is a project i am working on, its a survival side scroller taking place in an abandoned city in the middle of winter.

oh yeah definently, ui needs a lot of work

Thank you! yeah this is early prototype, lots of bugs, all will be fixed, all will be changed :)