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"You play as Nora, a scientist working in a east-German government research facility, as your friend and colleague Walter disappers into another dimension..."

Play the game here

We'd love to hear your feedback on this Alpha version of our Steampunk Shooter INDUSTRIA. After two weeks of closed Discord only access, we decided to make the Alpha public on itch!

Happy Playtesting!

Sincerely, the Bleakmill Team

Haha oh no! You played this amazingly well until this bug. Lots of people struggle, deciding whether to skip enemies or use ammo. You did great! 

There's another area past this (not through the buggy door though haha), plus another weapon and a boss fight if you're willing to continue :) Thanks for recording!

Really nice little demo here,  very atmospheric and a little unnerving. If I was to be picky I would say perhaps the gameplay is missing a little something extra, but generally I loved it. Great visuals and ambience - Very cool!

thanks so you much for playing, really enjoyed your gameplay:D

Already watched your gameplay! Thank yous o much for playing, we enjoyed your try on it :D

hah! You have to use your mousewheel. Did you figure it out? Hope so!

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Wow, thanks a lot mate, so glad you enjoyed our little game! And thank you even more for the playthrough on youtube and your kind words!

Best regards,

David from Bleakmill