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This game has it all. Actually, all of it. The gameplay, the art, the music and SFX, even a great story and worldbuilding!

Gumpy and co., this is genuinely one of the best games I've played. Extra applause for the art!!!

The suffering was worth it:

Beautiful graphics!!!!!! And of course, really loving that special main game mechanic you got going!

That's a fantastic game. Your creations have such a great way with difficulty,  game progression and player learning! (Witchcraft TD is also fantastic)

Immediately getting into the game, the animation and art were lovely! There were little spots to improve there, but still great.
Music's pretty nice, too.

I liked the credits screen hahaha, did not expect the professionalism.

If there was one thing I'd suggest, it's to put more effort into the movement, of all things.
Here and there, the character walked above the floor, floating.
It was a bit too out of place, and for a simple visual experience, it's best to let even the bare programming compliment the effortful graphics.

Either way, aye - Good job! With how this many people were involved, with both the art, audio and writing direction, I can't help but sense some passion behind this creation.

Keep on fighting,

Found that pressing the Windows key, and then putting the cursor above the play button and clicking works.

The highlight is the music for me, and I do like the title screen art a lot!

But this is of course a small game. One lap in a simple car racing game, and it's done.

Have you made the music or the title screen art? Because dang, those are great.

Either way, I'm glad you made a thing! It's a big deal, IMO :)

Keep on fighting,

At first, it was hard and frustrating. I really hoped it'd be a "yeee, go fast race game!" and uh, I crashed hahahaha. Especially because I wasn't used to the slow drift.

Coming back to it the second time, knowing that patience is part of the game, this is REALLY fun!

Loving the level variety, especially the fact that there's 3 goal-oriented level categories, which all feel really fun and not too samey. Kudos on the level design :)

And boy oh boy, bonus levels? N i c e!

If I had to suggest anything, it'd be setting expectations. Perhaps with a little, tutorial-like level, where the player gets used to the very slippery and quick spaceship. It'd difficult to even play the first level, from my first experience.

That aside? Great stuff!!!

Keep on fighting,

Finally here!

It started simple. The game was short, not a lot of content.

I have to wonder if the spaceship itself is a metaphor..? I'll have to think on this a bit, haha.

If I had one piece of advice here, I'll say that while the SFX of the spaceship proximity was alarming, as it should have been, it was very very harsh on the ears.

But, then there's the end. This alone got me to love this game so much more.
I bloody loved this song, and it went hard. The lyrics are also captivating.

Can't help but think that your music is progressing, beautifully! I'd love to hear you create more.

Don't think too hard about the contents and details of the game. You did good, and I'm glad you did what you did :)

Keep on fighting,

Thank you so much!! This might be the first compliment I've had about my storywriting :)

I super appreciate it!!

A crafting system?! COUNT ME IN!

This was great fun! Sometimes a bit too slow, but I loved how it let you try to understand what to do yourself, without being too vague.

Taking the leap of faith to that one space station was nerve wracking..!

Sometimes the music cut off, sometimes it was repetitive, and the climax was oddly easy to beat.

But finally understanding what the HP and gun is for? HO-LY! Some really interesting concepts here.

Keep on fighting,

Can't say I've seen the bugs you've mentioned.
I wonder why this happened..!

Bloody underrated! Y'ALL. You're missing out. This game SLAPS!!!

Fantastic art and animation, very good music, creative idea, INCREDIBLY fun, a lot of content even after quite a bit of gameplay.

DAMN, this game is good. Might be the first time I ever gave a perfect rating! It's SO good.

I especially salute the artist. Both super good looking and crisp art, and EFFECTIVE art - The effectiveness of the art helped the peeps behind the game make the game more easily, no doubt.  THAT'S design.

Keep on fighting,

Me likey, me very likey!

More than all, I love the double-meaning behind your concept! The idea is very appealing.

I had several small gripes.
The UI's look could use some work.
The first level's pacing is too slow. The later levels' pacing is fine, though!
And lastly. Especially in the last level, the indicators for incoming, new spaceships, was hard to notice.

Those gripes out of the way, this game was absolutely fantastic! I liked the VFX and lighting, even if simple, and you have a good taste in music!
It was overall good fun.

Keep on fighting,

HOLY SHIT!!! 🤯🤯🤯

Reading your comment? Pride and bliss hahaha.

You bettered my day immediately!

Thank you a lot! And I am very glad you liked it a lot!!

As it turns out, clicking repeatedly to stop the animation might be a strategy!

Managed to nearly get to the map's end this way. But right clicking uh, stopped my plan lmao.

I'd love to see what you come up with, if you end up working more on the game!

Keep on fighting,

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This was f a n t a s t i c!

A lot of time went into the level design, no doubt, and the main gimmick is a fun idea.

The graphics were not various, and the UI was a bit too simple, but I do like me the rotating pixel asteroids. A little quality of life bit that I enjoyed.

The tutorials were also a great help, considering that the main mechanic is a bit complex.

Keep on fighting,

Hahaha, I hoped to make a game where the rules aren't told explicitly.
Hope it wasn't too "freeplay"..!

Thank you!

Aye, thanks, cheader!

I did worry about the concept not being fun, but it sounds like it wasn't too bad.
Hope it was nice haha

(This would be the second ever compliment about my sound design. Thank again o(^▽^)o)

Thank you!

This would be the first ever compliment I've received about my sounds haha, so thank you for that, too!

You know what? I completely agree, the game part of it is a bit minor.
I did hope to have more in it, but uh... woops (⊙_⊙;)
Might update it some day..!

Glad to see you liked it!!

So good :o

I don't know how to describe it, but to have turkeys in a zombie game makes it so much more interesting!

And I didn't expect a kinda, point-and-click shooter game! That's awesome.

An admirable ambition! o7

50 days! Hey, that's absolutely bonkers!!!!!!
GJ! :D

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Ohh, reading this make me a happy person! :D
Thanks so much, Damien!!

I believe there's some additional unrecognized bug with the shield.
Sometimes, it straight up doesn't protect, if I'm not mistaken.

It was still very playable haha.
In a sense, it even added to the challenge!

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... Wait. Mouse sensitivity?

Have I..?

... I HAVE! I've played the game, without knowing you can control the camera with the mouse.
... ho-ly.

yo, it really DOES feature Dante from Devil May Cry® and Knuckles! Even some goats, at that! You goat.

I think this was great! Gameplay wise, there was SO much to do, that it's insane! You've done the rare act of submitting a jam game that's very replayable.
There's some interesting puzzles to be solved, speedrunning involved, and a lot to explore.

My biggest gripe is, surprisingly enough, with the character movement. It was designed very specifically for this level, but it was not satisfying to use.
You sometimes are forced to float for long times mid-air, and after jumping, it takes a lot of time to return to the floor, with no control of it, for examples.

The player animations were really nice, but the graphics were overall a bit weak. But you clearly went for the fun meter, and boy oh boy, have you put love into that department!

The music's great, and super befitting! Down to the second. Kudos to the musician.
The SFX were a bit stale, I'll admit.

Overall, very enjoyable!!

Keep on fighting,


Holy dacking shit. That was HORRIFYING!
I did not see this kind of game coming.
You had me shaking, genuinely, and I felt very much in the shoes of Lily.

The music/ambience gives this game GREAT benefits. There's so much to love about it, even with how few the tracks are.
The way that the scary static noise is at first kind of just static, then soon dread, and eventually, it's safety, of all things.
And the way that the happy music is adorable and wholesome at first, before soon becoming... heart pounding.

Game-wise, this concept worked SO well. Despite the simplicity of it, the way it tied into the concept and theme, and the challenge it provided, even the tutorial you had with the parent at the start - Bravo, Ema!

Keep on fighting,

This took waaaaaay more time that I would like to admit.
But, I figured out the start!

That aside, the concept is i n s a n e!!! I loved it. And I gave you 5 Fun stars for a similar reason - Playing this concept made this a very challenging, interesting, even mind-provoking and unique experience!

The music's great, and I adore the choices,
but the SFX tend to be a bit too brash and repetitive at times.

And the art is probably my gripe here. A lot of dissonance between different assets, fonts and typography that could use some work.
And the fights' animations are very simple on their own - All buildings have 0 animation and VFX, except for the turret, which has its projectile be a very simple wavey slide.

I like the writing behind this, though..! Quite a lot of text for a T.D game, and I dig it - It doesn't force you to read it, either!

This was fantastic, Gray Hato. For a one man army, you were fantastic.

Keep on fighting,

Yeah, we noted the mixing issue a bit after finally uploading the game, haha
May make a small update to adjust that.

The shield seems to be malfunctional, I had this happen to me every now and then too.

And the red - Every three strikes, a certain something happens.

And I fully agree about the pauses..! I'd love for this to feel more like an adventure. It feels more like a boss rush (which's cool too haha)

That all being said, thanks so much for the compliments!!!!

Ah, I'm glad to hear!

I'd like to know when you felt it was unfair - Would love to improve!

Fantastic art, fantastic music, great gameplay. So far, it's a 10/10, honestly!

Ahh, I've finally played the game. Pardon my late appearance!

I'll try to add original takes onto the pile of feedback.

First of all, I like that you allow some silly interactions a lot. I did NOT expect to be able to blow my clone up, and lose haha

Secondly, I admit that the art needs some work, but the animations are pretty nice

And, most of all, I have to mention level 2's magnet. I absolutely did not expect to be able to walk mid-air, so the solution went waaay over my head.
Despite that one, the rest of the levels were pretty neat.

Appreciate what you've achieved - I think you did amazingly well!
Keep on fighting,

I'll admit it, I've been having a hard time getting to the mentioned boss haha
The way you die when you touch the end of the screen makes this complicated, and it doesn't help that when the scrolling stops (after some asteroids), my ship persists to move upwards, and causes a restart.

Am I missing something, perhaps?

Digging the asteroid sprites and the music a lot, though!!
Not to mention the sheer creativity behind the main game mechanic! Has insane potential.

Well, I'm late to the voting party, but I'd still like to play it some time! Possibly even today.
Will try my best to!

NGL, it's pretty funny.

Flattered! Thanks a bunch!!

Nuff has been said. But I'll try to add something new to the feedback line:

I believe adding the controls directly to the levels would have been a better way of tutoring.
Like in the blindfold level, let the controls appear behind the guard.
A generally popular trend in many games I like..!

Keep on fighting,