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beautiful boids! I wish I could interact with them in some more meaningful way, to my understanding, they don't avoid me when I come close. The space is sparse, and could use some more variety, perhaps some more color variation in the fish? or the rocks? I really do enjoy the shader on the fish, that coupled with the flocking really makes them feel life like. 

Truly as advertised. I think that the cow has a lot of character, and because of this I wish it had something to do besides swim.  On the other hand, I feel like you achieved the intent of something relaxing to watch, like a fish tank. I mean you don't really play with a fish.  Also, to my initial point, I like the inclusion of the buttons to the left. They do add some feeling of interaction with the cow as it does it's own thing. Like it's thanking me for the thumbs up. 

I'll also say, I stuck around to see what happened when it runs out of air, and it wasn't a slog. very calming. Although at the same time very sad. Peaceful Corpse Tank Sound doesn't have the same ring to it.

So to sum up I guess; I like the character of it, I wish it did just one more thing besides swim, (maybe come up for air at some point?) and I think this delivered nicely on the stated mood of the piece.

I feel like my main critique with Boodle is the way I get information. I now know that Boodle dies if I leave it alone for too long, but I have no idea when its close. I like the design of Boodle, it's cute and I want to care for it, I think it was a strange choice to have an additional sprite pop up next to boodle when petting or feeding them. It makes me feel like I'm not really interacting with them, I wish the sprites were simply swapped when performing another action. All together I think this game's strength is the look of Boodle itself, as it's quite simple.

you sure did deliver on TubeCat.  The visual design of tube cat and its reactions are adorable, and I really loved 'cat time'. as a feature, moving around as tube cat during this stage is a really fun touch and a cool conclusion to the main gameplay.  Moving around as tube cat in the normal stage however is a tad awkward.  The strange relationship between the moving of the neck and the body makes it kind of frustrating when you hit something that you didn't intend to.  maybe being aim the head on its own would have helped. I really enjoyed this.

This is a really funny take on the prompt, and truly does mimic the feeling of a pet rock. The simple inclusion of the text adds character to the game and to the joke. The tennis balls and burgers look good, but my only real critique is with the UI. I think it's an appropriate choice to only have two buttons, but I wish they weren't so blurry, or that some of the character from the text appeared on them.

I can't exactly tell if this is made with 2D or 3D, which is a plus because that's kind of the feeling of the original. Trees seem to clip into the camera which makes me suspect 3d, but all the trees in your view seem to move on a direct vector towards the player, even if they are very far to the right, which is kind of disorienting because that's not how a 3D space would work (which is why I think it might possibly be in 2D).  

I think the low resolution RenderTexture is a really smart way of approaching the pseudo 3D environment of Deathchase, and it leads to some awesome looking "sprites" like the bikers from different relative perspectives.  As for the movement of the player, it's a bit off in some key ways.  you don't seem to rotate as dramatically as the original Deathchase, and one key difference I noticed is that your projectile doesn't seem to change course mid shot while you turn.  Really cool stuff. 

The environment feels like a 3D space! Although I'm pretty sure you did it in 2D, which is a really cool aspect to clone.  Even though the visuals differ from the original,  it feels like the same space because you travel in it the same way.  The movement of the character is a bit off, however. You rotate too fast and your speed seems binary, either moving or not without acceleration.  

I think you really captured the tree visuals in a few key ways. The leaves on the sprites feel the same as i remember in Deathchase, the grain of the wood becomes transparent and they seem to switch sprites once you're close in the "3D space."  The main issue with the environment is that the only simulation of 3d is the distance of the trees from the player, you cant rotate in space, which makes it feel like trees are just being spawned ahead of you randomly instead of you traversing a forest.

I'm not sure why this stuck out to me, but I really enjoy that you included the detail of the wood grain texture of the trees becoming transparent when they get close. The feeling of the acceleration is pretty much accurate but not having the ability to rotate in space does take something away from the game that makes it feel like something different entirely.  Visually, its clear this is Deathchase, but being in an actual 3d space without the option to move in any direction is kind of the opposite of the original (fake 3d, can move anywhere).