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Well I had just finished the game and I have to say, I had a lot of fun playing it and I can't wait for the next update. My only regret: I wish I played on Story Mode First.

Any advice on fighting Arwin, I keep getting my ass handed to me. I tried focusing on defense and taking Mammon out, but she keeps killing the party.

But h4m has been helping me out with some of the parts of the game I had trouble with, so why would he be screwing with me like this?

So I either get 400% more money for the Star Metal or Use them to upgrade my sword, but give Richard armor made of Star Metal. While having more damage is great, I don't want to help Richard in any way possible if I can help it.

So don't sell the Star Metals no matter what, noted. So what other use is there for the Star Metals?

Okay first off: How do you access it? Second: What carries over cause I messed up with the Star Metals cause I wasn't suppose to sell them.

Wait seriously!? God damn I already sold a couple of Star Metals.  What exactly happens if you sell the Star Metals, will it result in the game being more difficult in the future?

Well something ended up happening tonight. I had just booted up my laptop and opened the game, only to find out that the continue option is completely blacked out and unselectable despite there clearly being save files in the save folder of the game. I honestly have no idea how this happened. 

Wait hold on, there is a New Game+ mechanic?

Doesn't blessing your items cost a lot of gold? I'm rather low on gold and while I can earn more from the workshop, It would mean I'll get more corruption; Which is what I am trying to avoid to the best of my abilities.

How the heck do I deal with the Low-Demon in the forest? The Egg Fragments keep screwing me over.

I do in fact have Goop; That's name I gave my Slime. Speaking of slimes, where else can I find Slime Summoners?

So does anyone have any idea how to deal with the annoying Jellyfish?

Well I guess I'll just have to gain some corruption in order to make the Spider Queen fight easier, even though I have been trying to avoid corruption as much as possible.

Ah nuts, then how else am I suppose to light the torches?

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Okay thanks, but there is one problem. She is at the mines where the Spider Queen is and she doesn't seem to leave the spot. I want to light up the torches so I can fight the Spider Queen in the most optimal position, but I need to use the spell Fire I or gain Corruption to do that.

Hey does anyone know where to find the Fire I spell? I have been looking around and haven't been able to find where to learn it.

Huh, didn't expect to see this game on this website. Pretty neat.

Hey I opened up the game today and I saw that all of my saves were gone.

You know the game seems rather interesting, but I would like to know what effects being in one of the houses are.

Hey I had just downloaded the demo and for some reason it will work when I run it. I just get a window titled Untitled. I have no clue why it won't work.

Anyone got an idea for what the Odd Key Card is for?

Thanks, also it was the latter

Hey I had just begun playing the game and when I spoke to the fortuneteller at the docks, the game crashed cause it said it was missing a tileset. 

Echo of the Void community · Created a new topic Glitches

Hey man, the game looks pretty good. The only problem I have so far is the weird glitch from the trees in the starting town in which they end up blocking some of the paths, effectively trapping me.

I played the game for the first time and I can safely say it was a blast to play. I can't wait for the full game to come out.

"Stop making me waste good CPU cycle of this." Fuck you too.

I really, REALLY wish there was away to skip the first stage.

Yeah that might be the problem. Unfortunately my laptop has very poor storages with the highest ever being 7 GB due to most of the storage being used to keep my laptop runnibg. Also basically the game simply just shuts down at random times like when I move to a new room or select something from the pause menu.

Okay, I really want to give this game a chance, but I just can't because of one major problem. The demo keeps on crashing when I try to move into a new room, when a cutscene or when I try to open the menu.

Frankly, this crashing issue just ruins the demo. 

I will find a genocide ending to this

Hey I noticed that whenever I try the demo, it ends up becoming too big for my laptop's screen for some reason. By that I mean some part of the game is cutoff as if my screen isn't big enough.