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Recently bought these on steam along with 2 other temple sets, but the rmmz/rmmv sample data was not available, is it possible to receive those if I show proof of purchase?

Silly question, but how do you use this? I downloaded, added it to the plugin list, added the png file, added to all windows and scene, but it is not showing the file.  Please help

How do you use the parallax background?

Those \c \{ \} and those used in yanfly message core

Hi Felski, Loving the plugin, but I have an issue, my skill descriptions features extensive escape codes to change the color and font size of text, but they don't seem to work with the plugin, is there something I am supposed to do or is that not implemented?


It was 1.5.0, just updated to 1.6.2 and it seems to fix the issue.

I Just downloaded the demo and js to try out the plugin, the skilltree was not showing in the menu so I turned on MainMenuManager and got the error "Felski not defined"

Are those the only tags available, is there a way to use voices when using spells, leveling up or using items among others?