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Oops, sorry, didn't see this, hopefully you figured it out D=

Hm, apparently I did. It's never been needed in anything else, as so few games I've played require a quick punching or stabbing motion, so the grid becoming visible when you get close to the edge was good enough, so I guess I forgot it was a thing. Welp. Expensive lesson learned =P

An option to show room boundaries or the room center on the ground would be nice, like a chalk outline kind of thing. I was having really great fun, but I punched a wall too hard and now I only have one controller =P a couple other people seem to have broken things getting too into this game as well, I think some visual indicator like that might help =)

Cool game for being made on a time limit! I have pretty much the smallest space the Vive will work on and it worked fine :)

Thanks! Much appreciated!