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G seems to activate upgrades, it increased my max ammo and max health at least.
H just caused damage to the player.

No idea if they do anything else behind the scenes, so they might mess up progress or stuff, but that is what was immediately visible to me.

Really like the idea of tying your jumping ability to your ammo, makes for some good challenges and together with your first couple of bullets having an extra power-up really makes you think about how you use your ammo.  Clever mechanic!

Finding the bosses really tough. Any tips on beating the shirtless guy? I know electricity stuns him, but afterwards he is invincible for so long I just get wrecked, and sometimes stun locked with his repeated uppercuts D:

Also: there seems to be debug stuff activated with G and H, accidentally activated when I was figuring out the controls before I realised the readme was installed in a separate folder to the game

Spoilers (Scoring through text to make it a little harder for people to see hints if just scrolling through comments cos I don't think there's a proper spoiler formatting here): The note on top of the safe gives you the hint for the code. If you've found the key that opens the box you now know what direction north is.  Every wall has something on it that can be counted to get the code.

Interesting idea, I found it to be very difficult but I made it to the end :D

Love this idea! Wish there was more. If you do expand on the game, one thing I think would be a nice improvement is if the cable linking the two together/linking Cable to a socket would have some kind of indication that you are near its limits when you are almost out of range, sometimes I overestimated how far away I could get and had to restart.

Really cool idea and use tof the theme!  I felt like there was too much delay between pressing up and being allowed to press down which caused quite a few deaths whenever I reached sections with mines in all four lanes as I could not save both characters and just had to let one get stunned and hope a wall wasn't coming up ^^ but really easy to get back into a game and try again, fun game.

Got a high score of 15,600 :)

Thanks =D

Thanks!  Yeah, wish I'd known about grid-locked movement back then :)

Here's a two-part longplay of most of the game :)

Oops, sorry, didn't see this, hopefully you figured it out D=

Hm, apparently I did. It's never been needed in anything else, as so few games I've played require a quick punching or stabbing motion, so the grid becoming visible when you get close to the edge was good enough, so I guess I forgot it was a thing. Welp. Expensive lesson learned =P

An option to show room boundaries or the room center on the ground would be nice, like a chalk outline kind of thing. I was having really great fun, but I punched a wall too hard and now I only have one controller =P a couple other people seem to have broken things getting too into this game as well, I think some visual indicator like that might help =)

Cool game for being made on a time limit! I have pretty much the smallest space the Vive will work on and it worked fine :)

Thanks! Much appreciated!