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Looks promising but needs more work (on Linux version at least). I can't resize the window and a lot of the icons are off the left edge and I can't click on them.

Also the hover time is too long when hovering over an icon to bring up the tooltip (so I can see what that button does).

Interesting game, how do you get to a menu to exit? can you save? the only way out of the game is to kill the process as far as I can tell (linux version)

But I like the game itself.

Can this be played off of a BackBit ?

Hello all. I'm looking to put together a track pack made by all of you!  I would like to release it here as well as on my web site  Free of charge of course and credit given to each track developer!

So download Trolly Follies, run the level editor, and submit your track to me at (Look for the "Upload Center" link)

I'll pick out the best and release the pack!

I'm not sure if this will help but I have found that a lot of games that don't work on an sd2iec will work if you extract the contents from the .d64 image and place them in a folder on the sd card.  You can use a program like DirMaster to do this.

Again, I haven't tried this with this game but it's worth a shot.

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Sure, that'd be fine.  I had retropi and other emulators in mind during development which us why the game doesn't require any keyboard input, even for the menu.

Good luck on your project, I look forward to seeing what other games it will include. 

Trolley Follies for the Commodore-64 (and emulators) just released.  For one or two players.  Drive a trolley, pick up passengers, don't get lost, don't be late!