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RATHER LATE RESPONDING TO THIS BUT HELL YEAH. WE LOVE GOING THROUGH A HELLISH LIL KEEP FULL OF STAGNANT, ROTTING MISERY. The dialogue in all of this is real dorky as hell, love it. Love chasing the spirits on the first floor trying to see all the dialogue there before just sitting next to the jabbering statues and passively being slightly distracted by the bouncing spirits. Especially love when they go through a hallway and just vibrate intensely. Those poor fucking guys. BUT YAYA THIS IS A FUN LIL ADVENTURE GAME. I hope that, when I end up at The Blathering Keep, I end up as something other than a sea cucumber. It'd take so so so so very long to escape as a sea cucumber. Those things are slow.


The gays are cute and very gay and we're so happy that they're gay and quite a bit dorky. VERY COOL THAT THIS WAS A COLLABORATIVE EFFORT THIS TIME AROUND!! I do think your own character art has a nice charm to it (nice to see it in the credits!!), and the backgrounds here are POWERFUL AS HECK (YOU'RE BECOMING MORE AND MORE POWERFUL WITH EACH GAME. JUST LOOK AT THAT FRICKING NIGHT PATH AAAAA), but the things outside of the KyaniteHeart scope here are very good as well (god these gays are so very cute, ndjfsndjnj. AND THE LAST COUPLE TRACKS IN THE GAME ARE SO GOOD.) Game is fun as a whole, Mira is a dork, Vela is a dork, and may they all stay happily gay on their gay island full of somewhat intrusive but also cute beings (wolf very beloved especially).

Thank you for making this!!!

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Just gonna write all this in ROT13 because uhhhh y'know. Spoilers....

V GUBHTUG GUNG ZVTUG'IR ORRA VG. V jnf pregnvayl gelvat gung zl svefg cynlguebhtu, ohg punatvat gur erdhverzrag yvxr gung zvtug or n tbbq vqrn fvapr... V guvax V jbhyq'ir tbggra vg?? Vs V unqa'g qbar onfvpnyyl rirel qvfgenpgvba gung pnzr nybat gur jnl?? Hayrff vg'q erdhver lbh gb qrqvpngr lbhe gvzr gb vg, juvpu jbhyq cebonoyl znxr frafr, ernyyl. Rvgure jnl, tbg vg abj, css.

Jnf qrsvavgryl nffhzvat gur ivor bs vg jbhyq or gur jnl vg jnf, pbafvqrevat gur raqvat evtug arkg gb vg, gubhtu V jnfa'g fher bs pbhefr!! Rvgure jnl, hu. V zrna. Gurer vg vf. Nabgure raqvat!! Nabgure raqvat jurer nofbyhgryl abguvat zrffrq hc unccraf!! Sbe fher!! Rirelobql'f unccl. Nofbyhgryl rirelobql.

V QB TBGGN FNL GUBHTU, ZL WBHEARL GB GUR RAQVAT JNF N YVY FVYYL........ V qvqa'g qb nal erfrggvat, ohg V fgvyy znantrq.... guvf tnzr fgngr.

GUERR WNPXCBGF VA N EBJ NSGRE GUR SVEFG QNL. V qba'g xabj jung gur punapr bs n wnpxcbg vf, ohg, jungrire gur punapr, guvf unf gb or ng yrnfg FYVTUGYL vzcebonoyr, naq gung'f... ernyyl fbzrguvat, css. Jnf shaal jngpuvat rirelguvat cynl bhg jvgu vgf vzcyvpvg nakvrgvrf juvyr Avpb'f whfg fvggvat urer nyernql pncnoyr bs cnlvat bss gur qrog evtug njnl. Irel tbbq. Ol gur raq V znantrq gb trg 1z, juvpu... V zrna............ boivbhfyl gung'f abg rkcrpgrq, naq gur erfhyg vf engure fvyyl, nf jryy.

Birenyy, V qhaab vs guvf arprffnevyl cbvagf gbjneqf Wnpxcbgf orvat n ovg gbb pbzzba, ohg V jbhyq fnl vg qbrf N YVY. Zl bgure cynlguebhtuf tbg Wnpxcbgf cerggl pbzzbayl nf jryy, jvgubhg erfrggvat naq fhpu....... Ohg V znl whfg or yhpxl!! V ernyyl qba'g xabj!!

Bar ynfg guvat gb cbvag ng juvyr V jnf qbvat nyy gung: vg frrzf gung uvggvat Dhvpx Fgneg jura lbh bcra gur tnzr, jvgubhg qbvat nalguvat ryfr, znxrf guvf shaxl oyheo fubj hc, juvpu V nffhzr vf fbzr fbegn cynprubyqre ovg, ohg V yvxr vg. Vg'f n tbbq oyheo.

Alnaljnl, gb ebhaq guvf nyy bss, alrf. Nf fbzrobql jvgu n snibevgr punenpgre jub alnyernql qbrf gung fbeg bs guvat, V nterr gung alrirelobql fubhyq raq bss gurve fragrapr jvgu n "aln" rirel bapr va n juvyr, aln. Vg nqqf fhpu ornhgvshy crefbalnyvgl gb rirelguvat, naq gurer'f ab cnjffvoyr guvat zber cheesrpg guna vg.....

Yessssss, HERE IT IS. THE EVER-SO-SLIGHTLY MESSED-UP HALLOWEEN STORY. Enjoyed playing through all this for sure, whether it was being silly with Nico's whole family situation +Milo and ALL OF THE RANDOM EVENTS THROUGHOUT THE MONTH, sweet with Mainly Milo and A Bit Of Peter, or upsetting to varying degrees with every other facet of the story, it was just, a very well-rounded experience!! Plenty of cackles and "awww"s and "oh god"s!!

Notable points of Extreme Enjoyment include: Peter is such a dorky child I love him and his "nya"s and general child-like exuberance; very good to have him here, especially alongside MILO, who's also an Extreme Enjoyment Point. I mean. Obviously, right?? He's endearing as hell and you really just wanna see him smile after frowning and such. Also Mr. Bodyguard 1 is pretty cool too y'know. Just a guy. A guy who wants what he wants. Can't blame him for that. (All the other characters are enjoyable too but like..... y'know............. Samson really can't compete with Child Who Says "Nya" Randomly, y'know???? Even if he's a fucking dweeb and I KINDA love him but also DEFINITELY have a whole unfeeling attitude towards him for the most part, as you do sometimes with a character like that (which is to say, he's a very good character!! Even lovin' somebody like that's a lil hard to accomplish. Maybe. Possibly.))


Although I enjoyed all the endings I found, I didn't end up finding Ending 5. I was experimenting for like an hour to try and figure out what the heck the trigger for it was, but I couldn't figure it out!! A lil nudge in the direction of it would be appreciated, for sure, but y'know. Of the endings I did complete, I think... Ending 3 is probably my favorite...???? Endings 1 and 2 are rather standard lil things, and then 3 and 4 end up feeling kinda... empty?? feeling???? Like, not as in they have no substance and don't illicit a proper valuable response, but that the response is mostly "God things could be so much better couldn't they". Which, I mean hey, guess that's kinda the whole point of the story, isn't it, pff. So I'm a lil happy that Ending 3 goes the way it does, I suppose.

As for the themes, I mean........... I tragically have never experienced the soul-draining woe of higher education and subsequent lethargy and general displeasure with life in general, but I can certainly feel these fuckin' feelings and god is this story just so exhausting in a great way. Hate to see Nico have a bit of an existential crisis every time he interacts with people while we go "Yeah that's really how it is, isn't it", pff. But, at least Nico gets some positive outcomes, and the people they're surrounded by are delightful as hell, so... y'know. It's really powerful seeing a character who is explicitly Tired As Fuck being warmed by the folks around them and learning to feel a little more after being worn out by life's troubles and such, y'know? It's a really nice story at the end of the day. ALTHOUGH I GUESS I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN ENDING 5 SO LIKE. Hm. I can only hope it wasn't something EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT but considering its placement on the list, I'm really not sure. Is it more like 3/4, or is it more like 6.........

EITHER WAY YES. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!! IT CAME OUT EXCELLENTLY AAAAAAAAA. Hope everybody else enjoys the FUCK outta it!!!!! Everybody must enjoy Milo's beautiful way of speaking and Peter's also-beautiful way of saying "nya" here and there. We love characters who do that. Also as a random last note the integration of LORE in the narrative is very excellently done as well??? Like just staring at the mom's tail going like "Hmm, wait, wait a minute...... does that mean Nico and Peter have one, too??? Or is their Vampire-ness more powerful...." before subsequently getting that answered ~very smoothly~. I DUNNO I JUST LIKED THAT BIT A LOT. Made me go "Ohoho" because of how perfect the timing was, pff. ALSO THE GENDER STUFF WITH NICO. SEAMLESS. BUT YA. ONE LAST TIME. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!!!


Holy fricking moly this is a silly and fun lil adventure.... All of the characters are for sure beloved, but, if I were to decide the most beloved, it'd easily be the cat. The other two give you information on the curses, but the cat??? The cat gives you evidence. Kinda. Maybe??? Honestly don't know what any of their reactions to the curses meant but they probably helped. Ultimately, though, if there's one thing to hone in on here, it's finding joy in the fact that Beston Jeepers loves holding hands so much. I'm more of a hug person myself, but hand-holding is another very important facet of affection. 

ALSO AS MARCOMIX IS SAYING AAAAA MULTIPLE CHOICES. CHOICES IN GENERAL. I knew such things were probably in bitsy forks, but gaaaahhhh. That sorta function is really nice, isn't it..... Almost makes it start to feel like an RPGMaker game, truly...... And such a function is definitely used well here. SO MUCH DIALOGUE. HELL YEAH.


It happened after entering the hair salon for the first time, if that's any help!! I know keeping track of EVERY FLAG/VARIABLE in bitsy can be exhausting, though, pff. 

AAAAAA THIS WAS SO GOOD. SO SO GOOD. Loved all the fricking goofy dialogue, the little bits of fun lampshading (the lil interact you get at the end from, y'know, elevatoring back down before doing the obvious action made just fricking CHUCKLE (also the coffee machine. Perfect.)) Additionally loved not understanding what to do with the hair salon, before..... oh. Oh yeah. Yeah that makes sense, pff. BUT I LOVED ALL THIS. IT'S SO FUN. 

I did run into a bug where going back and using the computer after progressing the plot a lil sets the flags for all the buildings back to their start (which was a softlock alas. Couldn't enter anything anymore pff) but that's the only issue I ran into. THIS THING IS SOLIDLY BUILT FOR HOW BIG IT IS. HELL YEAH. 

In conclusion: this was very fun, thank you for making it!!! 

An intriguing lil story!!! I was like "wait what the heck" when I got to the corridor (bitsy magic...) but I mean. This is magical in other ways!!! Thank you for making this!!!

Whattah nice lil memoseum. Real relaxing to wander around and see such nostalgic sights inside of. Games sure do entice us to create, sometimes, don't they, pff. THANKS FOR MAKING THIS!!!

This painting has been fricking RE-MASTERCRAFTED!!!!

Holy fricking moly the life of a Dungeon Girl Scout is a dangerous one indeed....... And very exciting. So glad everybody can come together with their shared love of cookies!!!!!

Numnumnumnumnumnumnum... I've never had hotpot before, but surely these voices would resemble reality.

CUTE LIL GAME!!!!!!! Extremely love both the tired personality of Cain and the extremely exuberant personality of Sasha playing out here, pff. ALSO VERY CUTE ART. ALL ALIAS'D AND SUCH. Beautiful. I wanna eat their cake rolls......!!! Hopefully the bakery's gonna thrive under its current conditions!!!!!!!

Thank you for making this!!!!!!

Cute and fun art, relaxing gameplay, and excellent tunes.................... Yet again, another win for the moonlightjammers, pff. THANKS NY'ALL FOR MAKING THIS!!!

Not the ending I was expecting, but the ending we all deserved......... I mean gosh look at all these fricking cute animals how the frick is this a bad thing (as long as the cook's okay, it's fine, surely!!!!!!!!!!) Samantha and the witch are extremely cute in general though holy moly. Their expressiveness and body language is excellent!!!!!

Thank you for making this!!!!

It feels extremely difficult to ascertain whether these two foxes hate each other or love each other, but I suppose they probably love each other, even if Fokku was perhaps much more evil to the tiny dear Kitsu... I mean hey, fun antics, pff. EXTREMELY loved the Valentine's afterstory; it may not exactly be gay (I mean we gotta think that it's gay no matter what) and perhaps mostly a gag, but it is very sweet, in a way, pff. (ALSO I DUNNO IF THE LIL REPRESENTATION OF INARI IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE UKA-SAMA, BUT..... IF IT IS, EXCELLENT. And if it isn't, then it's still excellent!!!!!!)

Thank you for making this!!!!

Extremely loved the DLC boss fight explanation most of all, but the other tips are very fun as well, pff.  Page 25, or "HALFWAY THERE", is truly the most incredible thing ever...... Although Page 27, with its hug, might be even more incredible??? Nobody's really quite sure.

Whether it's a complete game or not, the experience here is nice and delightful. Especially liked solving the puzzles from the west -> south rooms; they may not be the most complicated things in the world, but when I realized what you could do with the red block, AND THEN REALIZED THE OTHER THING YOU COULD DO WITH THE RED BLOCK... I mean, it just felt cool. This whole lil experience felt cool.

Thank you for making this!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA I FRICKING LOVED THIS SO FRICKING MUCH AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. The whole story is quite the journey, with some rather harsh lows but some extremely fantastic highs, and the ultimate conclusion is also quite satisfying. Especially, especially loved nearly every instance of Lucia just being sweet as fricking hell, and EXTREMELY ESPECIALLY, ESPECIALLY LOVED THE LAST CG SCENE AAAAAAA. Stuff like that is simply perfect. It's so perfect. I'm so happy for these platonic/possibly-queerplatonic besties. 

All of the worldbuilding with the magiis and quirks with succubii specifically was EXTREMELY interesting to experience, and frankly goddhgfhgfhdgfdghdf I love Lucia so much. I love an ace succubii so much. That's simply the greatest kind of succubii. Especially helps that she's kind of an asshole at times; makes her sweeter moments all the freaking more powerful. But I mean Dawn and Vulcan are really excellent too; OBVIOUSLY THIS STORY IS MORE ABOUT DAWN THAN LUCIA I SUPPOSE AND I REALLY REALLY DID ENJOY THE TRANSGENDER EXPERIENCE WRITING, EVEN THE HARSHER MOMENTS; VULCAN IS ALSO JUST SO SWEET AND INTERESTING AND I LOVE HER. But like. Lucia. Lucia, y'know?? She's perfect. I mean the other two are perfect too but sometimes you do have to make a favorite. I guess that's mostly because of her relationship with Dawn, so thank you Dawn for making Lucia perfect, I suppose!!!! Although something gay as fuck is often very, very nice to see, I am admittedly the biggest fan of close platonic/queerplatonic relationships like what's going on here.... Aro/ace life, I suppose, pff.

I saw there's a possible sequel in the works for this, and I dunno how long that'll take to get done, but..... GAAAAAH THIS WAS SO GOOD AAAAAAA THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT!!! BEST OF LUCK WITH EVERYTHING IN MAKING THE SEQUEL; HOPE IT'S FUN AS HECK TO MAKE!!!! And, DOUBLE EMPHASIS, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!!!!

The writing in this lil story was really sweet, even if it's ultimately a rather bittersweet tale overall (the bitterness is superseded in one of the endings, I'd say!! The other, however, is more bitter than sweet, alas...) Verymuch enjoy Enoko and Marisa's blossoming friendship of sorts, and verymuch enjoy Enoko's reasoning for going to Marisa to begin with, BUT ALSO........ THE FOX EAR RIBBON AND THE TSUCHINOKO WERE EXCELLENT INCLUSIONS TO THIS PACKAGE. THE ART IN GENERAL IS REALLY EXCELLENT. As for the gameplay, it's a nice breather, although I ended up fumbling in it a lot so that got a lil frustrating... I tried going for what I assume to be an alternative ending for A, but the last minigame was just too tricky for me at a couple junctions, gghghgh. BUT!! Even without that presumed alt ending, this is a great story.

Thank you for making this!!

I mean this game is very straightforward and it is delightful for that. Just go around, spam bomb off cooldown, shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot and hope you get lots of Eternity Larvas...... Thank you for your service, Eternity Larva; we'd be lost without you.........

Thank you for making this!!

Ganbare, Futo-san. You can do it...... Worrying about the future is for dorks, probably!!!

Thank you for making this!!

Ebisu-san is having the time of her fricking life here holy moly just look at her SMILE. I only managed to get to 16 before it all came crashing down, but hopefully it was satisfying for our beloved mizuko...

Thank you for making this!!

Very cute lil game, albeit extremely buggy, pff. Mashing for the laundry/cauldron tasks makes the game softlock pretty often, and I think ending the day with those two tasks usually makes the end-of-day screen bug out and just display the initial greetings repeatedly, but y'know. The aesthetic is very delightful (love Mokou's -_- face) and the lil bits of conversation are sweet. HOPEFULLY ONE DAY KEINE CAN EAT DINNER WITH MOKOU. HOPEFULLY!!!

Thank you for making this!!

This was a fun lil read, for sure!! The copious amounts of Sakuya headcanon were very interesting to read, but the different vibes of the two characters presented was also kinda delightful. Good for Sakuya having a very positive relationship with somebody, and good for Sanae having a bit of an outlet for her worries.

Thank you for making this!!

One of the endings, befitting its name, sure is bittersweet as hell, but... that second ending sure had some unique sweetness to it, along with the rest of the story overall. This was a really nice experience!! Kinda gay, in a way, too, so that's nice!!! If I had any sorta complaint, it'd be that Akyuu's voice is a bit harsh compared to the rest of the audio, but eh, that wasn't very detracting.


The gays are hanging out!!!! Thank you for playing; glad you enjoyed it!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAA I TOOK SO LONG TO PLAY THIS GOMEN GOMEN. But, now that I've given the new update a try, all the changes are excellent!!! The library is nice and excellent, the new flamethrower is rather funny (haven't found a Red Staff yet...), and THE MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE, PROPER RESOLUTIONS AND FULLSCREEN, WORK!!!!!! I mean Fullscreen was kinda finicky so I dunno what's up with that but it did eventually get ticked and worked fine.

Other than that, wow, found out Ura's Blessing is genuinely just so good with the Rusty Sword pff. And Mark of Rhealith is genuinely horrifying if you go into a room full of Sprouts!!! Or is it Plantancles.... Whichever one shoots a bullethell around it and makes me panic, pff. (Also....... love black cat. Love them making so many noises. A perfect cat.)

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People actually do that?? I mean I guess you've said as much in the past, but it just feels...... completely silly to me..... Who the frick cares about what engine you're using as long as you're accomplishing whatcha wanna do with said engine??? It feels absurdly elitist to me.

AND YEAH!!! It's been a long time coming but they finally started making progress on it again, recently; super happy they managed to get things back on track!!! Very much looking forward to it!!! (It's a Suika Ibuki Touhou Project fangame pff)

Wh-What the..... Well, y'know, if it works, it works!!! And I have heard of nightmares with Unreal as well (one game I've been looking forward to had development absolutely broken for a couple years 'cause of some random update!!! It's horrifying...)

One day you'll delve too far into the engine and discover its horrific curse..... Dunno what that is personally but it'd be horrifying if true.

Now players can obtain the fishing rod without any potential fears, hopefully!!! (That's really the only bug I ran into when playing. I mean, besides fullscreen being weird and forcing me to play in windowed, but I didn't mind that at all. Either way, ULTIMATE VERSION!!!) HOPE THE POGRESS ON THE HALLOWEEN GAME'S GOIN' SMOOTH!!!!

Glad it was enjoyable!!! It was certainly, at first, just meant to be like a 5-10 minute experience, but then...... writing this lil witch's dialogue was too fun...... 

Glad it was enjoyable!!! Hopefully the funny/happier bits outweighed the sadder bits, too!!! Or not!!?! I mean we all want different things from things I suppose, pff.

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I SOMEHOW MISSED THE PAST DREAMS TAB AAAAAAAAA What the hell I'm so bad at video games. And now, I see, there's 6 endings....... 

The third route that I was referring to was Knight's Will, though I only ended up getting the neutral one where all you do is make Princess act extremely, extremely boring, pff. BUT I GOT THE POSITIVE KNIGHT'S WILL ENDING TOO A SEC AGO. I just...... forgot to try a route where you're very nice to Knight, pff. Not very secret, I suppose...

Also, the changes to the whole resetting/seeing all the endings stuff is fun. THE FLAVOR TEXT IS FUN!!! And there being three ?'s instead of just one to start with is quite a bit more noticeable..... But the flavor text is fun, most importantly, pff.

(1 edit)

Glad you enjoyed it!!! Incidentally, the text skipping is just a visual bug, if it's what I think it is. Using transitions between dialogue is just a lil weird. Maybe there's some way to avoid it, but ehhh...... I dunno it, pff. 

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HMMMM. This game is super fricking interesting, gosh. I really love its presentation, for starters; all the art really lends to the story being told. BUT THE STORY ITSELF IS SO GOOD, TOO?? It's rather minimalist, but it fulfills a very specific purpose; definitely a huge fan of it. REALLY GLAD YA GOT TO MAKE A COLLAB GAME LIKE THIS!!! THE POWER OF YOUR WRITING AND THIS ART IS A FANTASTIC COMBO!!! In terms of spoilers, though...

I wonder how many endings there are, though I ended up getting ones in the three paths, I assume. Of course I went for the worst one first, then the obvious good one, then fished around for the secret ending of sorts... I suppose it might be foolish to ask if there's more than just 3 main routes, but I MEAN THOSE THREE ROUTES ARE QUITE DIFFERENT INDEED. Ultimately, I think the princess escaping with the knight is the happiest ending, in a way, but the knight's wish ending is pretty interesting to consider as well..... Just a nice lil knight making sure life stays the same...... Although, y'know, maybe there's a hellish amount of boredom going on for the princess in that scenario; who knows, pff.

Only sorta thing that made me go "Huh" was the "Reset" button of sorts, pff. I suppose it's rather easy to miss for those who wanna get alternate endings, though, additionally, I dunno if it's necessarily supposed to be encouraged to get all the endings; I just like being a completionist, always.... EITHER WAY. Yeah. If it's meant to be accessible, it's rather easy to miss it. BUT I ASSUME IT ISN'T MEANT TO BE, SO THERE YOU HAVE IT??? I don't know what I'm trying to say here.


I didn't actually know what sorta gameplay was gonna be in store when I opened this thing up, but gosh I love it so much actually. I'm not TOO TOO good at controlling each character individually, simultaneously, but when I'm able to do it, it feels very satisfying... Even just playing the game without doing that is fun as hell though. THESE BOSS FIGHTS ARE FUN AS HELL.

But in terms of the characters/story, humongous fans of Ultimouth, Dawn, and Mirra, though of course Anna is amazing and I love her so much too. Also love the gay. The gay is excellent. AND I LOVE THE STORY..... Without talking about spoilers, just, y'know. It's a solid, enjoyable plot (only just started Act 3, tho) with extremely endearing characters...... What more could you want........ Also it's really gay, which we should all ask for, and I'm glad we've got it. (The lil unlocks from doing bosses a certain way is really neat as well!!! Didn't have too too much trouble fulfilling them all until the first boss of Act 3, but... THEY'RE FUN CHALLENGES!!! And the unlocks are fun, too!!!!)

BUT YA!!! Finish soon. For now, though, very delightful, challenging, and fun game aaaAAAAAAA Thank you for making this!!!!!