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half of second ending: press button until you get roman numerals, enter 213121. Flip switch to the left. enter on the keypad that popped up, 3748. On the clock thing press left or right arrow (doesn't matter) to get the full 2nd ending you have to restart and if you chose right arrow, do left now. same the other way around, if you chose left do right.

3rd ending: Don't touch anything just wait.

9th ending: press button until roman numerals pop up enter 213121, from there flip the switch to the left. On the bottom right corner there should be a number pad with the numbers 1,2,3 and 4. Enter 1,2,3,4 and you'll get the 9th ending.

6th ending: keep pressing the red button.

To get the 7th ending id don't know the exact combination for the color panel but just start from red, yellow, blue and green keep doing this over and over and you'll get it eventually

To get the 10th ending press the red button until the roman pop up, do 213121 then flip the lever on the left. enter on the panel that just popped: 1066. the on the thing that looks like a lot of buttons do 

at the last row you want to put the red on the 2nd square and the other at the 6th square.

at the first row you want to put one square on the very middle.

at the third row you want to put one red on the first square and another on the last square.


Credits: @tricky diamond and @dollarstoretankman

To get the 8th ending keep pressing the red button until a hammer pops up on the left. then get the hammer and drag it to the screen.

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To get the 1st ending first press the button until the roman numerals pop up, from there enter 213121. Then, flip the lever on the right and enter on the binary keypad :101101. btw thanks everyone in the comments I just took the information in the comments.

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This game is dogshit lvl 3 is too hard, decrease the fucking difficulty. Fucking fat ass mouse.

Very nice game. So relaxing, please make a game simillar to this or continue it.