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Neat game.

Hey there. Ever had that dream of playing in the road, but you and your friends were too scared of things like speeding cars?

Now you can live that dream with RoadGames, a local two player game for PC (friends or family not reqired to play. works just fine alone)

How long can you play before the road claims you?

Download here

Cool Idea you have there. I think the concept is fun and there is potential. Its just so slow in the beginning and I find the projectiles too hard to see sometimes.

Cool game, but I found the reload times to be a bit too long really and it really needs more types of zombies or some random events happening to the map.. Dat shotgun tho.

This is a fun little game. Had to put it in my C:// folder to get it to work though. Otherwise the exe would just stop working on launch.

I enjoyed this quite a bit. the art style is simple, but does the job and the prayers were cool to play with.. The text is too hard to read though, especially when I played in fullscreen. Will be keeping an eye on this one.