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A fun, entertaining game! Had me laughing a couple of times! I hope you further this game, I would totally play it again  :) 
It had some great events and wonderful dialogue. 

If I was to give any critical feedback it would be to add more stuff to the world, and make less empty space. I look forward to more in the future!

Neat little story. Great skill implementation on the old man. The orc event really cool! The map felt a little empty on most of the islands, but that is something you can change easily  :) 
Wonderful effort   :)

Unfortunate bug didn't allow me to finish the game! I was intrigued by the story too! 
Some of the mapping was pretty clever like the use of the arrow tile to tell the player the directions.
Perhaps I will play this again if it is updated  :) 

Pretty cool story. Lots of varied monsters was interesting. Some of the dialogue was fun too! I thought the idea of getting the key to progress each level was neat!
I noticed a few switches and events that didn't quite work the way they should, but apart from that, great effort!

This game had a great opening scene, was bug free, and even had a touch of enemy lvl ramping. 
There were so many of them though! Felt like another battle every step! 
Overall, I had fun playing this game. Great job  :)

Cool! Glad it could help  :)

Apprentice of Artrea

Apprentice of Artrea

This is a project I have been working on for a year or so (on and off) that is starting to take shape! It is a turn-based old-school jrpg. The plan is for deep story/lore, interesting battles, and exploration driven gameplay!

Originally I was going to build a demo and go from there, but I couldn't wait to show off what little work I had done, and released a proto-type. I have continued to update it, balance it and add new stuff to it. It has slowly become something I am proud of!  I have learned a couple of things along the way...

1. On that journey, you come to realise just how important it is to get someone to playtest your game! So many updates needed to be hot-fixed straight away with people unable to progress past a certain point!

2. Development takes time. Lots of time. If you think you can do an update in a week, times that by 3. 

3. The support, feedback, and advice you receive is important! It is important to think democratically in how you respond to bad feedback (or impossible game ideas lol), but also how to listen, and ask questions. Not all advice is good advice, but listening is key!

Anyways, I am interested to see what you think of my little project! Thanks to everyone for the help and support I have received in whatever form it took! I look forward to working on the next big update!
                                                                                                           Bizmaster Studios

A mouse? This enemy is too stronk!
What will I find?

Think something could be improved? Feel something is not intuitive? Think the game needs achievements? Leave feedback and suggestion here  :)

Apprentice of Artrea community · Created a new topic Bugs!

Let me know about any bugs you find here  :P

Cute, simple fun with unique sounds and fantastically chaotic gameplay...if you drive the wind like I do anyhow...hope this game blows you away too!

Thank you  :)

Wonderful thought provoking little game with a message. Wonderful stuff :)