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Gameplay-wise, there's a lot of "gotcha!" instant death stuff, which is surprising/offputting for the places you find them (Such as repeatedly during the 'tutorial' sections, waiting just off-screen). Having all the controls scrunched on one side of the keyboard makes it feel as though it's meant to only be played with the left hand, but then you have sections where you're using three fingers at once.

Graphically, the tiny size of the screen and lack of proper fullscreen feels awkward.

A few animations seem like they're playing far faster than they should be. What I assume is supposed to be her looking sleepy/tired comes across as a sort of  river dance:

The screenshake feels off - At the title screen it doesn't really feel like the screen shaking at all, more like the camera is having some sort of issue following the player.

 In the later parts with the snake chase, it's so extreme that it's almost impossible to tell where you're standing. Got tired of trying after being unable to make it through the snake chase room.

Afraid I'm getting this issue too - Will you be making a note on this page when it's fixed? Looking forward to trying your game.

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Bugs I've encountered:

  1. Saving and quitting after getting the key but before opening the chest still locks you out of the chest when you reload. You're flagged as having completed the story flag and can't get the key again.
  2. After using a save point, Gwyn will play the sitting animation any time a dialog window pops up.
  3. It's still possible to leave the lady's house after grabbing the health power-up without fighting the boss. Possibly intended solely because you can get in before you have the dagger to fight with.
  4. Knockback and control lock behaves really oddly on death. You'll still be control locked when you respawn, and after a couple seconds, you'll get knocked back.
  5. Getting the health power-up and dying while fighting the boss despawns all the enemies in the house and still sends you to the door, making it easier to just self-destruct and leave. The new respawn system is more forgiving, but this might be a little too forgiving.
  6. Dying in a location with more than one exit respawns you exactly where you died. That's definitely too forgiving. :P
  7. Sounds like movement is still handled while the Gwyn window doesn't have focus. I can hear footsteps while I edit my comment.
  8. When PLACEHOLDER_BLOCK_OBJECT is picked up while it's next to another object, it will get 'stuck' on the object until you move away enough for it to be 'lifted,' and cannot be thrown in this state.
  9. Attempting to return to the room before the temple places you in the wall of the switch room, rather than at either entrance.
  10. Moss on the temple still Z-sorts in front of Gwyn when jumping through it.
  11. Starting a new game doesn't wipe the existing save until after you've saved - probably not a huge issue, but I hit Load while fiddling about in a new game and ended up in my old save file.
  12. Going back to the first cave room from the second cave room drops you below where the campfire is in the first room.
  13. In the town, I seem to get random bouts of the tiles 'tearing' and having minuscule gaps between them momentarily. Couldn't really reproduce this in a single reliable way, but travelling around the town for a few minutes usually got it to happen at least a couple times.
  14. As Rokas mentions, there's a game-breaker if you save before opening the chest to get your dagger. It'll just keep playing whatever animation you were playing before opening the chest and never progresses - maybe related to the problem with sitting on every dialog screen?

Bugs that I reported that appear fixed:

  1. You can no longer drop through platforms during dialog.
  2. The weirdness of room loading when traveling to the temple seems to have gone away - Would love to hear the details of what was causing that if you figured it out!
  3. You can now jump while standing in front of PLACEHOLDER_BLOCK_OBJECT.
  4. PLACEHOLDER_BLOCK_OBJECT no longer does weird hovering tricks when thrown at stairs.

Random feedback:

  • Overall, the controls feel pretty good. Movement has just the right amount of inertia. Jumping feels about right, though it gives you little wiggle room for some jumps.
  • Might have mentioned this on the previous demo, but can't remember. Having to throw blocks to put them on switches feels a little awkward. Unless we're going to have to drop through platforms with blocks (Which, given that we can't jump while carrying one, I'm guessing not), it would be nice if you could press down to set the block down in front of you.
  • Being a filthy cheater, I got to play around with the bow a little. Using it to climb walls is really fun. The animation for the arrow hitting a stone block is a little cartoony but works with the style.
  • I like that the dog follows you around the town.