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thanks for playing marratou. Can't wait to make another little 'game' with more time.

jimmmmmyy jettt!
awesome the clay animation.

Thanks for playing Title_Pending. Hope you had a nice couple minutes. 
Where to click is a problem yes, already was in my previous pointandclicks. Will do better next time. 

Thanks for clicking MrJoshuaMcLean, added a few updates after watching your vod.

Hey DizzY. Yes I made 2 pointandclicks last year also for a gamejam. Both very weird, hard puzzles and some bugs. Didn't bother to fix the bugs or improve. I will get more time someday and work on something less weird and higher quality. check my profile. All my 3 'games' are there. Stay awesome Dizzy, keeping an eye on your channel to check other weird games. <3

haha DizzY thanks for playing, that was great. I'm just an artist trying to make weird games. We had 1 week for Tiger_J gamejam and the theme was 'The Hero's Journey'. Thank you so much Dizzy.
catch more sun for a different ending. 

another one Caio, hope you enjoyed. made in only 1 week :)

thank you :]

thank you for playing and making a video for my weird pointclick, hope you had fun ;) awesome

We only have 1 life. He killed himself 7 times like a cat.

Thank you so much Heather. 2 weeks of dedication tho, very hard work. Depression does suck a lot and sometimes we hide it with 'happiness'.
Your game looks great I love the color palette A LOT but didn't play yet, trying to catch up with some work before playing the jam games. 

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That's a good point Doomstruck, I wasn't trying to say 'medication is bad' cause it isn't, but people can think that. We can say that he never took his medication since there is a ton around. Thanks Doomstruck for playing. :)
edit: you are not the only one saying that, too bad cause that wasn't the message at all. In the end character should say something like 'why didn't I help myself' 'why didn't I had my medication'. Well, feelsbad. <3

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You have a walkthru.txt Chai if you want to check all to end. Game is already weird and I failed to add some clues I had in mind, both visuals and audio. Wasted too much time with the art at start instead of just using temporary doodles.

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Hey morfy your art is perfect I rly like it. I wish I had focus more in adding cool puzzles and a nice gameplay flow than art. Wasted too much time doing cool art :D You have a walkthru in the .zip, give flower to girl or maybe open the window in the laundry room? let the cat in?