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It's been great fun, one of the best jams I've participated in. Thanks for the opportunity!

Thank you!

I'll add WASD in after voting ends  :)

I need to increase his collider to the width of the island. He is set to head towards the player but moves slower so potentially you can get past him! Thanks for checking it out.

Yes, the timer issue came to light not long after the jam closed (of course!). It's an easy fix, as is the t-rex dodge but I can't upload bug fixes until voting is over. Thanks for playing!

Thanks, Stella! While you CAN turn around, the speed is much slower than driving backwards and likely to get you stomped :)

Thanks, I thought it might tie it in more to sound alerts that John has/had!

Thanks, probably just my eyes!

Thanks for trying it!

Nice platformer and controls but I had to restart multiple times after the character got stuck in the side of a platform. It also caught me off guard when I landed on a moving platform and the character didn't move with it!

I was a little confused. The game started with no title screen so I wandered around until everything started crumbling around me, found a watch then died. Once I died, there seemed no way to get off the 'You are dead' screen. I liked how it looked and the sound was creepy (in a good way).

Nice little platformer that played to the theme. The in-game music was a little trippy and a counter to show which level you were on would be nice additions but great job!

I loved the idea but I got to what looked like an empty house and it still said I only had half the points. The music was a little depressing, which may have fitted the theme of someone passing away but it was a good concept and I liked the credits.

Fun (if challenging) to play, great art, and loved the squish sound!

I got stuck quite often and wasn't sure what I could (and couldn't) run into but it was a fun racing game with an unusual art style and definitely played to the theme.

Great idea but it had my wife asking why I was bouncing around in my chair. The game should come with a list of excuses to provide to others in the room about your animated self :P

Thank you, Matisse! It's hopefully challenging enough that players won't beat it on their first attempt and if they do, they get to try to beat their own score next time  :)

Thanks for your review, Mels. I'm glad you enjoyed it and the original idea was for 3 levels but time got the better of me!

Thanks for checking it out and your comments!

Thanks for playing it, John. I'm glad you enjoyed it bug-free and yes, that red car LOL

I’m glad you had fun! Yes there were some scenarios where flipping happened which is partly why I added the ‘Esc to exit’ option. I’ll fix it in the next update when voting ends.

Thanks for testing it.  I may need to dial down the deceleration by the sound of it! Good job getting to Level 5  :)

No problem, hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks for playing - I've fixed the issue but file uploads are locked until voting is over.

Yes, I see your submission thanks!

I'm sorry you have had health issues and it's because life often gets in the way that we set a period longer than most jams at 14 days. There are entries submitted already (which I don't think entrants can see) but to extend it beyond the current deadline would be unfair to those that have spent time getting everything ready for today. I will be submitting my entry today and I assume others might wait until the last few hours to ensure they have tested as much as possible. Remember, it only has to be a playable game and meet the jam criteria to get the free course. Good luck.

If the game was created after the jam starts, I don’t see why not.

Yes as Mintee indicated, it doesn't have to be 3D.  This was also asked in another question earlier which is when I updated the Points To Note. 

Don't forget the jam starts in just over 4 hours from the time of this post.  You can still look for team members on the H3D Discord ( in the jam-teams channel. 

Even if you were considering going solo, maybe look in the channel and see if you want to join up with someone else (everyone that shows on Itch as a contributor will get a free course if a game is submitted that meets the criteria). 

If you have any questions, please let me know. Enjoy!

It can be 2D or 3D  :) I'll add it to the page thanks.

Thanks for your questions! You will be able to choose any course on H3DLearn. Some courses are Udemy-exclusive and while not part of the jam, there may be some exceptions permitted.

Wishing everyone that enters good luck.  Even if you don't get to submit an entry, the experience you gain will be invaluable.  

See you on the flipside! 


Thanks John!

Nice game using my free asset (!  

I was bad at it but I managed to catch one balloon haha.

I scored 52 - I like it!

Great job - just make that background scroll and you're onto a winner!

Haha, I consider that a win then, thanks!

Thanks! I wasn't sure whether to make all the carried presents drop at the next chimney but I thought one at a time increased the difficulty.

I lasted 55.54! I had forgotten Synty had free Christmas assets.  Good use of Penny's course and keeping to the theme!