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Thanks John!

Nice game using my free asset (!  

I was bad at it but I managed to catch one balloon haha.

I scored 52 - I like it!

Great job - just make that background scroll and you're onto a winner!

Haha, I consider that a win then, thanks!

Thanks! I wasn't sure whether to make all the carried presents drop at the next chimney but I thought one at a time increased the difficulty.

I lasted 55.54! I had forgotten Synty had free Christmas assets.  Good use of Penny's course and keeping to the theme!

I have fond memories of R-type! Nice art style and maybe this will be the next news story to round off 2020.

I love the mechanics of this.  Structured well for an endless runner and the pencil art style reminded me of other games. I like that you can interact with the environment. Nicely done!

Nice mix of puzzle and frustration with a great aesthetic.  Great job!

Thanks, I used

Yay it's fixed and I purchased, thanks!

Amazing work, just one typo - it should be 'Saloon'. 

Please join our Discord so we can discuss your prize:

Congratulations - 3rd place winner!

Congratulations - 2nd place winner!

Congratulations - 1st place winner!

They can be requested at

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Out of almost 50 entries...  

1. Sleepwatchers.
2. Raid Area 51.
3. Five-Gee.

The build that is submitted when the jam closes is the one you will be judged on. After the winner is announced you can upload other builds.

The jam has been extended by 24 hours.

There are only 3 criteria that your game will be judged on - how closely you stick to those rules will determine your final score: 

- Relevance (how close did your game match the theme?)
- Completeness (how 'finished' was your game?)
- Fun (how enjoyable was your game to play?)

The project needs to be from scratch but you can use any assets.

Any game you can create in Unity is welcome!

Penny has generously agreed to increase the prize pool to a maximum of 3. I have updated the jam page to reflect this change.

The issue was caused by a bad tag. It has been resolved but I can’t upload the next build until voting is over. Thanks for testing it!

Thanks, I was aware of some of the bugs but given the looming deadline, they had to wait for the next build after the jam closed. I believe I have now resolved most (if not all) the raised issues which will be uploaded after voting ends. I appreciate you giving it a play 👍

Nice idea, who doesn't love flying a helicopter?  Being able to remap the keys would have been good, my fingers were all over the place but the terrain looked good and the text showing where the drop-points were located. I'm not sure a rock track was apt but I enjoyed it just the same. Good job.

Thanks for playing - I did consider a top-down view and with more time I may have changed camera angles but I didn't have as much spare time as I thought so I just made it in time!

It looked great but after sitting on the Kings lap and running around the boundary of the castle, I was unsure what to do.  Nice ambient sound!

Nice voice-over to start the game and looks good but this is not the type of game I normally play. As such, I soon became bankrupt but I enjoyed the concept, music and layout.

Apart from a beautiful badger, this had beautiful scenery too.  I liked the idea of the animals giving hints but even after collecting all the boxes, a hint as to how to progress to the next round would have been valuable. The music was nice but a little short since it kept looping so maybe run it through once and then just have the sound effects which would add to the woodland feel. Nice job.

Very colourful and great music. I wasn't sure how to switch characters (or even if I could) but it was presented well.

Very colourful and great music. I wasn't sure how to switch characters (or even if I could) but it was presented well.

It was a great idea but it was a bit too frustrating for me to enjoy.  After a few minutes I found myself just clicking and dragging around like a madman with no real progress. Maybe I'm just not suited to this type of game? I get that if you're playing a blind character that the screen would be completely black but maybe some kind of hint (especially if the game sees I am struggling) would have helped.

It wasn't entirely clear how to control the character - I tried the arrow keys, WASD, mouse. I died fairly soon and then was presented with a screen with non-English text. Since there was only 1 message and button, I assumed it was "GAME OVER" and "RESTART". I clicked and it took me back to the main menu.  The [Records] button didn't seem to do anything but I tried another couple of games but was still unable to successfully move the character (although clicking around the screen sometimes worked).

A nice implementation of a CYOA and a good UI with tabs - I bought a resurrection stone and dagger but they didn't appear in any of the tabs though. Maybe some music at low volume might have enhanced the experience and I wasn't sure how relevant the map was but it was enjoyable.

Nice implementation of working together and creation of levels. Good job.