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A unique game combining puzzles and platformers. And unique and cute cats.
The operation of this game is different depending on the cat, so you need to get used to it! (I think it is difficult to control where you land if your character is small and falls fast.)
I really like the concept!

A mouse collects cheese on a boat!
I like the concept of this game. Often you can not move. 

There is little timing when the randomly rotating passages are lined up straight.

Maybe these passages are more fun to play if player can predict or control them to some extent.

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Paraglide in a field full of quiet nature. This atmosphere is the best!
In addition, Game is operation can be completed only by turning  left/right and changing the viewpoint, making it simple and easy to understand.

I think that it is easier to play if the aircraft is rising and the area where it rises is visually recognized.

I hope that the game will be polished by choosing good reality and good virtuality.

I enjoyed it! I completed the all stages!

A simple tennis game where you do not need to hit the button to hit it.
However, some power-up effects were exquisite and exciting points.
Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not. That sparks my willingness to win next.
nice work!

Nice work!

I was able to reach Floor8!

hi, again!

Thanks for the feedback.
I want to reflect them as much as possible.
And please understand that many specification changes are difficult.

The arrow marker that looks like a destination will be abolished and replaced with a pin marker.  (It also takes into account the pico8 capacity limit.)
Also, when the player arrives in the area for the first time, the player will be informed by scrolling that the NPC is in the back. It is a plan.
But these may not be the perfect solution either.

The disappeared vegetables may be a "door block flip" or "wind blowing" emit skill.
I want to add GFX to all skills, and I need a description to show what happened. (I posted a temporary skill list on the jam page.)

The concept of time will come out clearly in the next version upgrade. HP decreases gradually in areas other than the large trees, and a certain waiting time is required to eat again with NPC.
At this time, the animation speed has a small effect. Especially when the number of times increases.



You Unearthed another my game!
Thank you!
That's like playing most of the game with a tutorial alone. Congrats!

I wasn't prepared enough to run the game on the itch. (Cross-site scripting makes it difficult.)

Fancy gun shooting 2D platformer!
I was able to defeat the boss at the end of the stage!
After defeating the boss of stage 3, it seems to be returning to stage 2.
Does the game loop?

There are lots of unique weapons!
There are also items to move and protect the tank, enhancing strategy.
It is fun to find the best use of each feature.

Tanks at both ends of the map seem advantageous. If the map is looping, this problem may go away.

Thank you for playing!

Game is very safe because I'm off the screen.
Finding moving parts is really fun!

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Simple effect sheet that Root vegetables.

BEETWaking a sleeping NPCVITALITY
FENNELTighten doors, doors block when openedAGILITY
PARSNIPWin the wind in the direction you are facing It stops when you use it again. VELOCITY
POTATOGenerate konjac blocks at feet Bouncing on konjac JUMPING
LOTUSGo to MAP screen You can warp to places you have visited from the MAP screen SWIMMING

BURDOCKStacking blocks from the ground up to the ceiling Where the wind blows does not stretch. CLIMBING
GARLICStop the virus and create invincible timeWARINESS
KUWAIRevert changes such as blocks by root vegetables
(sorry, it's old image when ginseng version...)

Thank you for Playing and Feedback!

There are still many challenges in this development.
I tried to create a continual game on Pico-8.
Graphic composition required long-term planning and trial and error.

Thank you!

There are still many challenges in this development.

Added controls.
But, not enough about for vegetables effect and Status params.

I have completed the game to the end!

Difficulty was responsive, and it was possible to clear it by retrying several times.
There was a sense of accomplishment!

It is an exemplary system of a well-known game, but incorporates a unique boss battle.

will come across familiar sound effects and productions, but this is an excerpt from the affected work because it is based on the developer's own life. maybe, can imagine that.

Some music is fun and some are nervous. There are many things that match the scene and they are wonderful.

Thank you for playing the game!
I enjoy making a lot of possibilities with the tiny specification PICO-8! :)

Hi, komehara.
Thank you very much for your a lot of feedback and playing the game!

As you say, there's a lot more to stress a new player.
Many factors make it difficult to balance the game.

Animations for performing some actions are slow and useless.
In addition, you need to deal with suddenly appearing enemies.

These are alleviated as they grow.

  • Agility: Speed of action (Animation)
  • Wariness: Horizontal distance where enemies can be found

In the beginning, we will reconsider our journey so that we can feel the need.
(E.g. You don't need to jump to avoid it. Appear, but not hitting enemies)

Bug: can open inventory (down+Enter) during intro cinematics

This is likely to be possible soon!

Bug: after cooking with the 2nd animal (2nd screen), the hint arrow was pointing left instead of right.

In this game, after cooking with NPC (animal), possible area movement points "arrows" will appear.
(NPC will tell you the way.)
The first NPC spawns a point to the next area, the second NPC spawns a point to return.
(The third NPC will spawn another point.)

Eventually, multiple arrows will appear on the screen. At first it is a straight road, but not all.

Bug?: You can give a vegetable to an enemy, 


Which vegetable was this?
At least Beet (red vegetables) has confirmed that nothing happens.
Other vegetables have other Emit Skill.

unsure if the action is working or not.

I have an idea. It is going to be solved with something like a gauge.

Once the problem is resolved, you will be notified via devlog.

Thank you.

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When I grabbed all the coins in below the third floor and when I didn't, both went dark.

when It's time to enter the third floor by pressing Enterkey.

So Cute!

I enjoyed weapons craft.

and want a wiki for the combine list.

Cool BGM that feels the old days!

Because the screen is small, it seems that it takes a lot of concentration to clear it. The behavior of the menu UI is unstable (3floor did not proceed because it was completely dark)
I played alone, but it seems to be more fun to play with multiple people as in this game mode.

I like this game.

The Game has A Simple rule, And advances little by little.

A level design that is not too difficult and not too easy.
It is easy to understand and looks pretty.

I changed post type the Discussion board to Comments.