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Bison Kings

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Such a great game! Super challenging

Amazing Game! 

I think you should brush up on your style and join the ranks of the AAA game developers. You have the talent to join the hundreds of faceless clones that created such mind-numbingly boring games like Assassin's Crud or something.

Just kidding!

I freaking love your games because they are fun, hilarious and immanently surprising. Magic Wand is a great example of the biting humor I love.

Get them pots, sir

Great job on the game! So much about this one is really nice looking and plays well. I didn't see a place to contact about bugs, but the player rotates on their own with no input sometimes, usually after walking a bit. Oh and I really love the robust upgrades!

Yeah, me too. Current build of the Windows version says "Could...... not preload global game manager #0 i=0"

Help me out, I gotta try downhillll