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New version is up. 2.5.  

Because No one has done it! That's why.  This is a short demonstration showing what is possible in the realm of beat em ups with popular game engines.   This is for my fellow devs who want to make a beat em up. I've been wanting to make a Kunio River City game for a while now and unfortunately there aren't many tutorials / documentation out there for aspiring devs.  Follow my tutorials on YouTube. This is a taste of a larger vision.  I hope y'all enjoy it.  More, MUCH more to come soon. Stay tuned!!!

     NOTE:  There are hidden secrets in this demo.  The garbage cans, allies, and MORE are tucked away somewhere ...Figure it out PEOPLE!!!!!! And post a vid. of you discovering my hidden secrets. I'd love to see it.

YouTube Vid:

DL here at Itch:


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Get it while it's HOT!!!!!Fresh off the presses. A local coop(3plyrs) twin stick shooter. crazy violent, crazy humor, crazy hard.

Play as one of 4 foreign invaders to rescue the beautiful Ivanka from the clutches of her evil father, The Donald!!!!! fight Trump's supporters through various zelda/binding of Isaac style rooms.

Download the game here: