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I have stats!

Really loved this. A fun exploration of the first night of being a vampire.

Hey! That's a good point I'd not considered. I'll try and get at this soon :)

Hey! Thanks for checking it out, and for the kind words <3

This is probably an oversight on my part, d6+2 as you say. A thought that just came to me could be an upgrade to the Nailguns to fire the Lava Nails from one of the expansion packs, or the plasma gun weapon... I didn't do anything from the expansions so maybe that's something I should whip up some time.

Ah awesome! I slept in this morning and missed the update from my EF contact. Glad that's in place for everyone. :D

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I'll get in touch and ask!

Thanks for the interest! :D I only recently acquired a copy and had a brief chat with Andrew! Being OSR-y type adventures I'm sure they could be made compatible with a bit of work.

Can't wait to give this a play. The Wretched was one of my favourite recent gaming experiences.

If it was immediate, that's good.

If it happens after 6-8 hours, you should seek our your physician (or licensed purveyor of leeches) immediately.

Aha, thank you <3

Hey. I am so sorry I didn't see this til now.

Use the Universal Battlemap Importer module: Universal Battlemap Importer | Foundry Virtual Tabletop (

Should give you the option when making a scene to import a dd2vtt file.

These items are just dripping with flavour. They are delicious.


I'd be honoured to be in a printed zine!