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i would die for glimby

this game is sick as! it was a little bit too difficult for me but i enjoyed it nonetheless

this game is really cool, i love the way it looks

me too

this is such a fun game

this was really fun :)

this is fantastic omg

awesome game, great premise and super fun. kind of hard to play since i don't have a right click button, but over all this is great. i love the visuals too

i love this!!!

loved this. great narrative and really creative game design.

beautifully made and painfully relatable.

aw man this hurts. but in a cathartic way. it's definitely something i'll be coming back to. thanks for the great game

this did make me tear up a bit. beautiful graphics

this was a lot of fun

such a fun game, and just the right difficulty level (it took me 4 goes to win).

if only things could work like this in real life lol

this was super fun :)

this game really brightened my day :)

this is brilliant. i love the scope of these messages.

It's a short, text-based, experimental game featuring Freudian theory, capitalism and warm beverages.

Link to game

wow, this game is great and i'm not at all biased.