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Reloading game and opening autosave removes all bought items (swimsuit, egg...)


You can't buy wine for the second or the third time. But reloading the game's autosave you can again buy it.


Can't press back button (shown in screenshot) in cafe wardrobe. Button doesn't work when pants or the new shorter skirt is selected. It works if the longer skirt is selected, but then after you press it and the pants are selected it doesn't work again. 

Thanks for playing !

Thanks for your kind words. Because this was my first game, I'm taking this a great experience at learning how to make games. 

Thank you for your kind words :) Lets just say it was my first game, and being one man game studio is not easy :D

Thanks for playing the game :)

Huge thanks for playing the game :)

HUGE THANKS for playing the game :) 

there are flickering lights like in all horror games, but besides that nothing else

Thanks for playing :) It was my first game so I it lacked everything :D

Thanks for playing my first game and making a video out of it  :)

it should work, you'll hear safe opening sound if code is written correctly

Thanks for finding a bug. The code is typed by using the numpad, and even though typed code isin't showing it is inserted. I'll realease bug fixed version tommorow (12-15 hours from this reply)