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Would you mind adding a licence file to this?

It’s easier to keep track of art-packs when they come with a file.

For example, you might make a file called, with the following contents:

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Artist: [Bertdrawsstuff](

How do we get a game on the front page? Could I get BIND under the ‘open games’ section?

I use arch btw

Great improvements, as always. I’m looking forward to the palisade if it becomes feasible. Would a motte-and-bailey combination work with it?

I have the Draft v5 pdf.

Cheers! Looking forward to it.

These maps are beautiful.

It’s always irked me that fantasy maps have trees nestled together like they’re some special feature, instead of being the default, omnipresent, background the the entire area. This whole thing really emphasises cramped little areas.

It seems odd to have no roads. Does everyone travel by river?

The map numbers are off, and one keys says ‘X lives here’, but I assume that’ll get fixed later.

Do you mind if I make a version for the BIND RPG? If not, do you have a copy of the maps without the numbers?

The thick forests are great. I have maps with a lot of wild land, where individual ‘forest’ areas don’t make sense - if nobody tends an area in Europe then it’s all forest.

Editing would be fantastic, but it’s possible to do a lot of that after an SVG export.

Looks like it’s died a death. Of course the git it still there, so if anyone adds a piece, it’ll continue to grow.

Nice! Once the rooms have keys, images would be great.

I’ve set up the git to take .jpg files (but not jpeg). Will that work for you?

You’re in!

I thought it’d be a good idea to add new people as a ‘developer’, so they can start with branches. But if you’ve worked with git already, I can add you as whatever you’d like.

Got it - nice one! A vampire seems fitting beside a giftschrank.

I’ve edited out the D&D-specific items. It’ll start as system-neutral, but once the rooms are filled we can make one version for each system people want.

Nice one!

Good thinking on the pzaz. I’ve taken a green leaf from your alien skin.

The open element is defined here by licence, so with that down, it’s time to make new mistakes. As long as there’s activity, I’ll consider it a success.

(1 edit)

Jams seem set up to be competitive. We could ignore that, or maybe make a competition about commits?

  • Nobody would approve their own commits.
  • You get a point for approving another’s commit.
  • At the end, we just add up commit totals (I won’t enter myself, as I’ve already put in a few commits to set things up)

Obviously it’s subject to abuse, so we’d have to rely on people being fine, but I don’t think that’s a real problem.

Post your Gitlab username here to join.

If you see someone else’s username here, at them to the Gitlab project.

Cheers! The layout was made with LaTeX. I’m going to add LaTeX styling to the GNU-dungeon Jam (assuming people actually join). I’m thinking of making it a pandoc theme, so anyone can make dungeon descriptions with simple markdown files, and re-use the same theme to output a stylish module.

I’ve put up a Jam here:

Fancy sharing it? I don’t have much of a network, and this project will rely on collaboration.

I’m thinking people should work on anything they want. No gods, no masters - if a room’s empty, add a description. If it has a bad description, change it. If you want to propose a new major element, make a branch or discuss in on the issues board.

I’ve added you to the git page as an Owner (but if anyone feels unsure about making mistakes in git, they can get added as a developer, so Gitlab won’t let them make major changes without approval).

Nice! Send your username across when you get it. I’ll go figure out how Game Jams work on Itch (or feel free to host another if you’d prefer, based on working together on dungeons on git).

Hey open RPG jammers, How do people feel about doing a jam with a single game, just like software developers do? With a few people working together, we could knock out an RPG module in short order, and combine our best ideas.

A rules-agnostic fantasy module/ dungeon sounds like the smallest possible project to start with. If we use a Git website, everyone can work on different versions, and have the versions pulled together automatically.

Here’s the proposal:

  • Everyone adds ideas for rooms/ themes/ whatever to a Git page.
    • It has an issues board, so people can just email ideas.
    • You can write in Markdown, inside the web page, just like in itch.
  • I’ve posted a rough draft of the map here
  • Everyone adds room descriptions.
  • Once it’s done, I’ll add layout/ typography.
  • If a couple of people request conversion to a particular system, we can just make a new version, and get new modules for multiple systems.

All you’ll need is either email, or a (free) Gitlab account.

As you can see, it’s begun already, and we have one other person working on it. The licence is share-alike, so anyone/ everyone would be able to put the result on their itch page.

These have to be downloaded one at a time, or perhaps that’s just my browser?

It’d be good to have a full zip file, along with a file stating the licence (having the licence file in the same directory always helps sorting images for later use).

If any of you mad lot are still doing this, I just found a picture in Sea Fairies in Project Gutenberg:

The new vantage point feature works really well. How’s it done? Will the icons change size at any point?

I stuck seasonal stuff in my Oneshot Module, Escape from the Horde. When you compile it, it detects the current date, and adds appropriate riddles. Hallowe’en has skeletons, the Yule has a snow-theme. I’ve not put anything in for Valentines - presumably there’s a Valentine-themed riddle (hopefully not to soppy - let’s not have the dragon falling in love with a PC).

I don’t know how to generate images (or code really - that’s my first python project up there), but if you ever change your mind I’m happy to jump on a project to generate text and such. I’ve not seen your code, but I’m sure what I’ve done is simpler.

An organization that is working for or under law enforcement or military.

Wouldn’t this include lawyers and judges?

So this is a contract which prohibits representation, adjudication, or enforcement?

Is this a joke?

All good!

(I think I’m still used to acknowledging messages by hitting ‘like’ or something)

I’ve stuck a couple of notes on BIND on how to get involved:

I have a campaign book and introduction adventure, but I kinda figured they’re implied by just sticking up the core book, right?

Nice font.

If anyone wants to get involved, download the book, and start spotting problems or suggesting features (the smaller the better!).

There are three ways to do this:

I signed up to this thing with BIND, but I’m kinda new to itch. A jam is collaborative work, right? How does that work here? How does it work with a series of pdfs? Or are we working with the source files?

How are proposed changes swapped? Or is this just testing and feedback?

Anyone got a summary?

These look nice, but the contents are pretty random. Gnome with key…man hiring you (while sitting alone in a dungeon)…blood stain (why?).

I had a think about alternative methods, and came up with a new procedure:

  • make dungeon (caves or mine)
  • allow [elves/ dwarves/ gnomes] to make it a liveable space underground, with libraries, rooms, art, traps, et c.
  • have invading [lich/ goblins/ sickness] kill everyone (or turn them undead), and errect some new traps.

There’s a basic python example:

Would something like that be possible here?

Well, thanks for making it free. I have an open source TTRPG, so I’ll see if I can use the generated maps.

This tool’s fantastic, and I like the little variations on some of the icons.

I’ve exported a few to Inkscape. Inkcape filters

If it’s all free, why not stick it under the GPL?